Flowers Blossoms at Auburn

Trey Flowers said things had been "dry" until he got to Auburn on Saturday. He blossomed with 3.5 sacks to help the Hogs defeat the Tigers, 24-7.

Sophomore Trey Flowers found himself plugged into the lineup for the first time last year against Alabama when Tenarius Wright went down with a broken arm. He found himself on center stage in his latest trip to his homestate. He liked this a lot better.

"It had been kinda dry for me until today," Flowers said, coming up with the biggest understatment from the Arkansas locker room after he produced 3.5 sacks in the 24-7 victory. The Huntsville, Ala., defensive end had three in the first half as the Hogs forced quarterback Kiehl Frazier out of the game.

Junior defensive end Chris Smith has played more than Flowers and may be the most requested interview among the defensive starters. Smith made plays, too, against Auburn, but he preferred to talk about Flowers.

"Man, a lot of people think I'm the leader among the D-ends," Smth said. "No, it's Trey Flowers. I follow him. I followed him today. He was amazing."

Flowers said his first sack of the game was just the result of fighting until the whistle.

"Three guys blocked me and I just kept fighting," he said. "Then I was there. I just got him from behind because I kept after him.

"I thought we had gotten some pressure on Frazier at the start, but we didn't get him down. But we did eventually.

"This feels good to do this in my home state. I may have tied my personnel record with three sacks in a high school game, but not in this kind of a place, in this setting. You really don't care about the sacks other than just you know we needed a victory."

And the Hogs needed some turnovers.

"The turnovers were big. I think you ende up talking about the victory more, but without the turnovers we might not have done it. Coach just kept calling blitzes and stunts for us and we get in there on the quarterbacks.

"This just boots our confidence so much. Like I said, it's been dry. We haven't been making plays. Today was good because we fed off each other. It was so exciting after the game. We hadn't had much to celebrate. It's so good to get this victory."

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