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Arkansas will sign a pair of 6-10 big men this week in Little Rock Hall's Bobby Portis and Huntington (WV) Prep's Moses Kingsley as the week-long NCAA basketball signing period opens Wednesday while Conway freshman phenom Adrian Moore dreams of doing the same thing a few years down the line.

As the week-long NCAA early basketball signing period arrives on Wednesday, Conway's Adrian Moore is dreaming of putting pen to paper.

In 2016, that is.

Moore (6-4, 170), who joins East Poinsett County ninth grader Malik Monk in giving the state of Arkansas two freshmen hoop phenoms, saw his first high school action on Tuesday night.

He had 15 points and seven rebounds as his team lost a scrimmage to highly regarded North Little Rock.

Moore already has the interest of Arkansas, Baylor, Kansas, North Carolina and Georgetown and others who have seen him in action leading Dunk Dog Elite to back-to-back 14-and-under national titles.

"He's just been really good about being a well-grounded young kid," noted Dennis Moore, his dad and a 27-year vet of the Little Rock police force. "He has taken it in stride, he's real humble and he doesn't go around and gloat or anything like that. He is not that kind of kid. We're trying to make sure he stays on that road."

Arkansas will sign a pair of 6-10 players this week in Hunntington (WV) Prep's Moses Kingsley (Thursday at 1:45 p.m. CST) and Little Rock Hall's Bobby Portis (Friday at 1 p.m.).

Moore has been labeled a phenom since he dunked as a seventh grader in a middle school game and the video went viral.

"He has shown a lot of maturity and leadership, which is what I'm most proud of," Moore said. "He is also a great student, is making straight As and even taking a couple of AP (advanced placement) classes in geometry and still does well.

"A lot of times kids have the athleticism but not the grades," Moore continued. "Or they have the grades but not the athleticism. I am proud to say he has both plus he works real hard and we demand a lot of him."

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson has certainly made an impression on the young man and his dad - who played collegiately with Scottie Pippen at the University of Central Arkansas.

"Coach Anderson talk to him and told him that he liked his play and told him it was prophesied that he was going to play for him and nobody else," Moore said. "We'll see how that works out.

"That kind of shocked Adrian because as I said he is real humble," Moore added. "He knows he has some talent, but to hear those words come out of coach Anderson's mouth was kind of shocking to him."

Moore has grown up an Arkansas fan, but did not know that Arkansas had won a national title back in 1994 when Anderson was an assistant coach.

"Adrian is a Razorback fan, but is wide open right now," Moore said. "I did have to educate him a little bit on the history of the Arkansas program and when Coach Anderson was here the first time.

"He did follow Coach Anderson at Missouri and he definitely likes his style and we both feel the Coach Anderson will get the program where it needs to be," Moore added. "Arkansas is definitely on the radar and I would love – as a parent - to just have to drive two hours to watch my son play.

"We have four years so four years from now we will just have to assess it when the time comes, but we definitely love Arkansas," Moore said.

Moore is coming off a eighth grade season in which he averaged 24 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists and four steals for his Conway White junior high team.

"I contribute a lot of it to his God-given ability, but he works his butt off," Moore said. "He wants to be great and works everyday to try and get better and better."

Conway opens the season on November 20 against visiting Cabot .

The Wampus Cats also have Arkansas 2013 commit Bobby Portis and his Little Rock Hall team on schedule on Jan. 8.

Conway will also face Little Rock Parkview twice and will visit Northwest Arkansas a couple of times to play Fayetteville on Nov. 27 and Rogers on Dec. 11.

"He is going to see some great competition this year and we think Conway is going to be very good," Moore said. We are very excited about school ball this season. It should be a lot of fun and a good challenge for Adrian."

Moore has played the last three summers for Dunk Dog Elite, an AAU team that also features Khalea Turner, a 6-8 ninth grader from Reserve (LA) Riverside Academy.

That has allowed Moore to play in a lot of different places the past couple of years.

"Fortunately playing with this team we have gotten a lot of exposure and we have played all over the country," Moore said. We've been in New York a couple times, we been to Maryland, to Indianapolis, to Florida, to Utah. That's another reason he has played with that team - we have been able to get a lot of exposure early on. As a result his name is really out there on the radar as an elite player in the nation."

Dennis Moore is 6-3 and his wife is an even six feet tall.

"Because my wife is six feet tall we think he is going to be 6-5 or 6-6 by the time he quits growing," Moore said. "I'm a legit 6-3 and he is already taller than me."

The dad was a very good high school player for Joe T. Robinson and ended up in Conway playing collegiately for UCA.

He played in 1984-85 and 1985-86 with Pippen, who turned into an NBA superstar for the Chicago Bulls while playing alongside Michael Jordan.

"I don't like to brag about myself but I guess I was pretty good," Moore said. "I was athletic and could really jump. So maybe he get a little something for me, but like I said earlier, he works hard to develop and build up on that God-given ability and athleticism."

That's something he shares with former Sylvan Hills star and current Kentucky freshman Archie Goodwin.

"I've watched (Wildcats head coach John) Calipari talk about the instincts that Archie has and his athleticism allowishim to make plays, but that he has to continue to learn tthe game," Moore said. "I think Adrian and Archie are very similar in that they are both slashers and can really get to the rim while using their athleticism.

"But I think Adrian is going to be a better shooter because he works on it so hard and is a very good one right now while he's just in the ninth grade," Moore added. "That's certainly what I hope and what we expect."

Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore

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