Tavarres' Clock Is Ticking

Weed (CA) College of the Siskiyous linebacker Myke Tavarres (6-2, 223) is sure he will play at the U of A - now just to determined which one it will be.

Weed (CA) College of the Siskiyous linebacker Myke Tavarres is now sure he is going to play his college football at the U of A - just not which one.

Will it be the University of Arkansas - where he is currently committed - or the University of Arizona , where he will visit this weekend?

Tavarres (6-2, 223) was also considering Texas A&M until this past weekend.

" I was actually suppose to go to A&M last weekend on an official, but there were some complications and I am no longer considering the Aggies," Tavarres said. "It's either going to be Arkansas or Arizona for me."

Tavarres, who had a team-leading 68 tackles in just eight games for the 10-1 Eagles this season, admits that he hopes to follow through on his commitment to Arkansas, which he made back in August.

"I made a commitment not only to the coaches, but the school and the fans and that is what I would like to do - play for the Razorbacks in the best conference in the country," Tavarres said. "But because of the season they had, I am wondering if they are going to keep any of the staff on now. It would really mean a lot to me and I would likely still be coming to Arkansas if there are some of the coaches around that recruited me.

"I have a lot of love for Coach John L. Smith and I think he is a great man and a very good coach," Tavarres said. "But with the circumstances Arkansas head, he was just not the right guy for the time and place. There was too much adversity working against him and the staff and it just was not meant to be. I'm not sure who would have been able to do so."

Tavarres. who played his prep football in Oregon, would be closer to home if he ended up at Arizona.

"That's certainly something in Arizona's favor in that I would know more people and my family and friends would have an easier time in coming to see me play," Tavarres said. "But in the end it has got to be about what is the best situation for me."

The biggest factor for Tavarres - who is a mid-term graduate and thus will sign in mid-December - is who Arkansas hires and what that relationship with be like between the two.

"I am sure that Arkansas is going to get a great coach," Tavarres said. "Like everybody else, I can't wait to see who it is. Then we will see if he wants for his system and how I feel about him and how I fit in. That will end up going a long way because I only have the two years left to play."

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