Cogswell Still All In

Florida prep quarterback and Arkansas pledge Tyler Cogswell is certainly interested in who the Razorbacks' next coach is going to be, but says he's all in and coming no matter who is hired.

No matter who is named as the new head coach at Arkansas, he can count on having a new quarterback from Florida.

That's because Plantation American Heritage quarterback Tyler Cogswell (6-5, 230) is all in.

"I am really interested to see who the new leader of our program is going to be, but it doesn't matter as far as where I am going to school," Cogswell said. "I am going to Arkansas. I not only committed to the football program, but to the school and the fans. I love the area and it is where I want to spend the next four or five years of my life."

Cogswell ended his senior season by passing for 1,827 yards and 25 touchdowns with only three interceptions - two of which came in his final prep game.

"We had a good year and I think we had a very good regular season, but just had a bad game in the playoffs," Cogswell said. "Our young guys played well and got better and our seniors left it all on the field, but it just wasn't meant to be."

Cogswell made several trips to Arkansas before and during the season to get a head start on an understanding of the Razorback offense and college life in general.

Never in his wildest dreams did Cogswell think a team that was ranked eighth in the nation in the preseason poll would falter to a season that ended 4-8.

"No way did I see that coming, especially with a quarterback like Tyler Wlson," Cogswell said. "But they had a few struggles early and just couldn't get it turned back in the right direction. They put up a great fight against LSU, but just couldn't get over the hump. which is kind of like the whole season."

Cogswell will be reading everything he can about the coaching search until Arkansas names a new leader.

"It's been interesting with all the rumors and coaches people are saying that Arkansas is looking at or going to get," Cogswell said. "I know we are going to get a good one. I'm just ready for it to happen, move forward and put this season behind us."

Tyler Cogswell

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