State of the Hogs: Tyler's Mechanics

Tyler Wilson found some special help in his time in Florida at the IMG Academy -- maybe a little more than most might expect. The Arkansas quarterback ran into one of the game's legends.

Tyler Wilson went to Florida to get his mechanics right. He cleaned up a few things that now contribute to a much better ball flight.

The spin ratio is better. It's going to be hard to beat the Greenwood product as he works toward the April draft.

Wilson, the former Arkansas quarterback, saw one of the best in Florida. It was a matter of looking at a high tech analysis. Everything started to fall in place as he hit the slot over and over.

It was just a matter of spending some time with one of the game's greats, one that most recognize and call guru. Wilson made the most of a great opportunity.

I'm not talking about Chris Weinke, the former Heisman Trophy winner. That guru isn't Terry Shea, the former NFL coach who prepares quarterbacks for their pro day for super agent Tom Condon.

No, I'm talking about David Leadbetter, perhaps the world's most famous golf instructor. His students have won over 100 titles, including four majors. Four of his players have held the world's No. 1 ranking over the last 30 years.

OK, I plead guilty for switching sports. There will be some football, but it's mostly about Wilson the golfer.

"When I got to Bradenton to work with Chris Weinke and Terry Shea, it hit me that I was in Bradenton and that is Hally Leadbetter's hometown," Wilson said. "I had Hally's number so I thought I'd send her a text that I was in town."

Hally is a sophomore letter winner on the UA women's team. Quickly, she asked Tyler to come over for dinner with the family.

Hally's father David runs the David Leadbetter Golf Academy within IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla. Her mother Kelly is a former LPGA Tour professional and current instructor. Wilson was working out with Weinke and Shea at the Combine Training at the IMG Academy.

"After dinner, Hally's dad asked me if I wanted to hit some balls," Tyler said. "They've got a setup with a swing analyzer in the basement of their home. So he worked with me for several hours."

Wilson is a low handicap golfer. He's long, straight and has a good short game. But Leadbetter found some flaws and quickly got the quarterback headed in a new direction.

"I hit a trapped draw when I got there and now I've got a high fade," Wilson said. "He changed my swing plane. I was outside the line. After he got that fixed, things changed pretty fast.

"I didn't go over there for that. It was his idea to take a look. But it was a lot of fun. "You don't ever think you are going to get to work with someone like that. It was amazing."

There were some hookups for golf. There's a few breaks in three months of football workouts as Weinke and Shea worked on Wilson's passing motion.

"I played several of the top courses in the area," Wilson said. "There were a couple that were out of my price range."

It's not like Wilson shortchanged his football workouts. Condon, who was in Fayetteville for the Arkansas pro day, raves about Wilson. It was Condon's second trip to Fayetteville to watch Wilson.

"I came in to watch Tyler for the Kentucky game, the storm-shortened game," Condon said. "Tyler was really good that night. He was today, too. I can tell everyone here loves Tyler Wilson.

"I think what you continue to see with Tyler is that he brings a lot of great qualities, one of the most important being work ethic. He also has high character and intelligence for the position. That's probably the most important quality. He is like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, the attention to detail to play this position. He pays extra attention to detail.

"Tyler is going to get it all covered. I'll give you an example. He came to Florida (to the IMG Academy) one week early to begin work."

That was just a few extra days to hit a golf ball in the warm Florida sun in December.

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