Recruiting Razorbacks

Arkansas recruiting coordinator Chris Hauser feels very blessed that he and head coach Bret Bielema have nine big-time recruiters for the Razorbacks that they have been able to send out in the spring evaluation period, which is nearing a conclusion.

Arkansas recruiting coordinator Chris Hauser knows his job got so much easier when new head football coach Bret Bielema put together such a powerful staff.

He believes that the Razorback staff – which is currently closing in on the latter part of the spring evaluation period that ends May 31- is primed to have great recruiting success at Arkansas.

He is sure of those coaches having success as they have at previous stops because of certain characteristics they all seem to have.

"I think it is their personalities and their genuineness when they talk to parents on the phone, when they talk to kids on the phone, when they talk to high school coaches at school and speak the truth," Hauser said. "It is not always recruiting talk. I would put this entire staff up against any other one in the country hands down."

The offensive staff that Bielema hired includes offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, offensive line coach Sam Pittman, wide receivers coach Michael Smith, running backs coach Joel Thomas and tight ends coach Barry Lunney, Jr.

The defensive staff brought aboard included defensive coordinator Chris Ash, defensive line coach Charlie Patridge, linebacker coach Randy Shannon, cornerbacks coach Taver Johnson.

"The nine guys are real people, they have great personalities, they are fantastic football coaches and they get the fact that this is still about kids, not just about just talking a kid into making a decision that is best for us," Hauser added. "We really want the best decision for the kid.

"It's a two-way street," Hauser stressed. "We want the kid to want to come to Arkansas as much as we want him to come to Arkansas. It's about finding that chemistry and that quality student-athlete that fits at Arkansas.

Hauser admits that the Razorbacks, who have four commits so far for the 2014 class and have offered around 125 prospects so far, are working in a different manner during this spring evaluation period than they will next year.

"We won't be in this same situation next spring at this time," Hauser said. "That's because these guys will have had much more familiarity with their areas and also the kids at their positions for next year's class. So we will have a jump a lot of those relationships and the kids that we feel will fit in.

"This spring in particular, I would say that 50 percent of the relationships we need to land the 25 guys were really strong," Hauser added. "We know we have with them and they were offered and we know that we need to go get them.

"The other 50 percent of the recruiting this spring was a matter of getting out there, we having some names and getting in high schools, talking to coaches and verify some of the things we saw on film, their grades and those type of things," Hauser continued.

Hauser notes it will be a far different percentage next spring.

"Next spring I would like it to be 90 percent of seeing the kids that we know and have relationships with and then 10 percent of kids we don't," Hauser said. "You always have to keep your ears open and listen to high school coaches and some kids develop later than others. So you always have to look for that diamond in the rough.

"You keep your eye on that 10 percent that you sometimes don't hear about until late in their high school career," Hauser added. "The key in the end is to have the best staff that you can, but it helps to get a start on the relationships as early as you can."

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