Hogs Hit Hoover

Arkansas takes its turn at SEC Media Days this afternoon from 2:20-5 p.m. Here are some news and notes from the second day of the event.

HOOVER, Ala. - It's Arkansas' time to go before SEC Media Days and head coach Bret Bielema and three seniors - center Travis Swanson, fullback Kiero Small and defensive end Chris Smith will begin their interview cycle at around 2:20 p.m. CST and it will last through 5 p.m.

"Thanks to all the love for the Arkansas family headed to SEC media day," Bielema tweeted Wednesday morning. "We have three great young men who will make you proud. #NeverYield"

Arkansas goes last today and joins Texas A&M, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Auburn as teams on the schedule today.

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Tuesday Morning Tidbits:

• It was a surreal scene with ESPN interviewing Johnny Manziel this morning. Never seen that many media stand in one place waiting on the arrival of one player.

I thought Johnny Football could have been more direct in the interview. It will be interesting to see how he redefines the message as he goes through a double-digit amount of interviews with all the different outlets on here.

• Manziel's reasons for missing the Manning Camp meeting were that he overslept and his phone was dead. Noted that it had nothing to do with the night before, but didn't want to answer whether he had any alcohol.

• Some things in his next interview - has made mistakes, should have handled situations better knowing the platform that he has, feels like the LeBron of College Footballl and if you have so many haters you must be doing something right.

• SEC Director of Officials Steve Shaw must have felt like the Maytag repairman as he was speaking in the main ballroom at the time to a smaller crowd.

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin now up. He notes that Manziel has been great on the field, but clearly made mistakes off the field this offseason and he needs to grow from that.

• While doing some good things as well, Manziel has to learn that the bad things are the ones that are going to get publicized according to Sumlin.

• Notes that Manziel through today's massive amount of interviews and questions will be both a growing experience for him and a chance to face the music per se.

• Manziel has not tweeted since June 15th. He said earlier today that he has to be careful what he says, but offered up that he is 20 years old and wants to live his life to the fullest.

• Sumlin notes he has 31 new players, which when you have 85 players is a massive turnover. So that means his team has lots of questions to answer this season.

• Asked if JM winning the Heisman was a bad thing, Sumlin was quick to note not for him and Texas A&M.

o o o More Manziel quotes:

• Manziel just told one interviewer he feels like singer Justin Bieber at times.

• "I'm enjoying my life, continuing to live life to the fullest and hopefully I don't upset too many people."

• "I'm not trying to win a Miss America contest. Just living my life to the fullest. Hopefully that doesn't upset too many people."

• "I'm a 20 year old kid living life to the fullest. I haven't done anything too catastrophic."

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Coach Mark Stoops - Kentucky

• Excited about how the Wildcats have embraced the program with excitement and fan support and especially with how his staff has done recruiting for the 2014 class.

• Speaking of recruiting, he noted that Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari has been visiting with the football recruits and helping out.

• Stoops said he has not talked to his brother - OU head coach Bob Stoops - about his comments that the SEC is by far the best conference.

• Has a three-way quarterback race with no clear frontrunner.

• Excited about offensive coordinator Neal Brown coming from Texas Tech to install an up-tempo offense.

• Kentucky opens with Western Kentucky under new head coach Bobby Petrino. He said that he doesn't know Petrino, but that he expects Western Kentucky to have a very good offensive team. Noted that Kentucky has a lot on the line in that first game.

Knows some people are calling it his biggest game of the season, but he is just looking at it as the next game.


Travis Swanson, Kiero Small and Chris Smith

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