Brown took two years off, but is a Hog now

Grossmont cornerback Kweishi Brown spent two years away from football, but committed to Arkansas Thursday.

Kweishi Brown stopped playing football for two years after high school, but committed to a Southeastern Conference school Thursday.

Brown, a 6-foot, 190-pound cornerback that is playing at Grossmont Community College in El Cajon, Calif., was pushed back into playing football by a friend and others and has since committed to play for Arkansas in the 2014 season.

"I took two years off after I had one good year, which was my senior year (of high school), Brown said. "But in order to really get recruited out of high school, you have to like ball each and every year. But I only had that one good year, so I felt like since I wasn't really getting recruited or anything, I just figured I could pick football back up at some point at a JC, so I took the first year off and I didn't do anything at all. But my second year off, I started working and I thought about playing football, but it didn't really occur to me so I didn't play.

"Then last spring, my boy Nick Kurtz, he said 'dude let's play,' and all my old coaches and my dad were like 'don't waste your talent' and I realized everyone was telling me the same stuff. So I was like 'dang dude everybody is telling me the same stuff and then you came to me and you want to play?' So went out and tried out and I was like 'I don't know,' but he pushed me everyday to go to practices and we stuck with it and it just happened that way and I'm glad it happened.

"Without my friends and family telling me all of that stuff, I wouldn't have been able to stick with it, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because look where I am now."

Thursday, he was in Fayetteville for his official visit. He spent part of the day in Arkansas coach Bret Bielema's office, where he decided to tell the coach he was ready to pledge to playing for the Razorbacks.

"We were in his office and talking about my family background and stuff like that, but before we were done, he said me and the other two recruits that were coming in today could really make a big impact on the team if we all committed," Brown said. "And I really wanted to be a Hog, so with that being said, I told him 'you said you wanted change and I'm all about change, so I'm going to let you know that I'm ready to commit and I'm ready to be a Razorback,' so that's how that happened. I got to tell him straight up."

Brown made 28 tackles in his inaugural season at Grossmont Community College. He also led the team with eight pass deflections and seven interceptions, including one in which he returned 79 yards for a touchdown.

He said the way Arkansas pursued him was one of the keys in the Razorbacks picking him up as their seventh commitment toward the 2014 recruiting class.

"They didn't recruit me first, but they offered me first and the way they came onto me, was just like a total blessing," Brown said. "A SEC school coming to you as a corner and giving you an offer and staying on top of you and sending you letters and making you 'Wanted' posters and all of that stuff is just crazy. And I just realized, 'yeah, that's where I want to go, that's where I feel like I want to be.'

"I want to make an impact and win a championship with Arkansas. I'm here right now, sitting in my hotel and already thinking about next year."

Along with Brown, another couple of junior college prospects, offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor and defensive tackle Abu Lamin, are on their visit at Arkansas. Brown said he has already gotten the chance to talk to Eluemunor, a UCLA soft commit, about joining him in committing to play for the Razorbacks.

"I already ran into Jermaine a little earlier and I was telling him and the guy he was with like 'yeah, I just committed and you're going to be next' and that kind of stuff," Brown said.

Brown said he is already close to some of the coaches and plans to continue bettering his relationship with them now that he is committed.

"Me and Coach Ash had that connection right off the bat, right when he recruited me," he said. "His first time coming out, he was down to earth and very chill, so I knew it was going to be good with him.

"And then he gave me Coach Johnson's twitter to follow him and I followed him and we had a good relationship right off the bat as well.

"So I'm close to the defensive coordinator, both DB coaches and (on-campus recruiting coordinator) (Chris) Hauser, too. That's nice. They're good people and fun to be around, but they mean business and that's what I'm about, too."

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