The Heat Is On

On Wednesday's SEC Football Teleconference, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema talks about how his team has prepared for Saturday's expected heat, the squad's excitement now that the opener is here and a picture of his wife that he put up on twitter on Sunday night.

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema certainly had some interesting thoughts on the weather on Wednesday's SEC Football Teleconference.

He's about wrapping his arms around the weather, hugging it up, loving it up and making the best of it.

That was his statement when asked a question about a sizzling game time temperature that is likely to be around 95 degrees in Fayetteville for Saturday's 3 p.m. opener with the University of Louisiana.

"First and foremost, there was a lot of thought and a lot of things that we went through during the preparation to get to the fall camp," Bielema said. "Some of the things that we have done during the summer is to put our guys in stocking guys, put our guys in sweaters, for the summer because it really wasn't as hot as we expected it to get, too.

"Then during fall camp, we always tried to go to the hottest surface – whether it was grass, outside, inside – and try to simulate the highest heat we could," Bielema added. "The kids handled it relatively well.

"Today the temperature is climbing up there and Saturday might be the hottest day that we have had since I have been in Arkansas," Bielema continued. "The one thing that we can't do is control anything about the weather so we wrap our arms around it, we hug it up and we love it up and make the best of the situation."

He admits that it has seemed like forever to get to the opener from the time he was hired back in December.

"I am excited for Saturday to finally get here," Bielema said. "It seems like it has taken forever since coming in here in December. The kids have bought in 100 times over to what we have been preaching and it has been a really, really productive fall camp. We have stayed relatively injury-free.

"The one thing that has excited me from day one to where we are today is that I knew we had a large senior class of about 18 seniors that have went through some trials and tribulations in their careers here that no one ever told them about in the recruiting process," Bielema added. "No one ever prepared them for it, but they survived it.

"They are in a great situation now and I know that they are hungry as well as the rest of the team and the whole Razorback Nation to have some success," Bielema continued.

Bielema got his coaches and their families and the team together on Sunday night.

"On Sunday, we had our families come in for training table," Bielema said. "One thing I love to do is bring the players, (the coaches') wives and their kids and let them show the human side."

He would end up tweeting out a picture of his wife Jen with a Hog nose on that got a lot of play.

"I was working here at my desk and my wife snuck one of those hog noses off the table," Bielema said. "We had them laid out for the kids and I think they were suppose to be 10-and-under.

"But she found one somewhere in her pocket and snuck around the corner and had that on," Bielema added. "I just took a picture and she said ‘don't tweet that' and I said ‘oh, yeah.' I did it and have had a lot of response ever since then and I know that she is excited about game day as you can tell."

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