Tuesday Practice Report, 8/14

The Hogs saw DeArrius Howard sent to the hospital before the morning practice with dehydration, then left tackle Shannon Money felled because of a knee injury in the afternoon workout. Follow the link for a full report and practice images.

Just like the morning, Tuesday afternoon provided a serious scare when senior left offensive tackle Shannon Money went down to a knee injury.

Money's injury was diagnosed as a medial collateral ligament sprain. Houston Nutt indicated that Money might be out as long as two weeks. More will be known in the next two days.

The morning scare came when freshman tailback DeArrius Howard became dizzy and felt cramps in his legs while trying to walk from the dorm to the Broyles Center before practice. Construction workers who recognized the struggle he was having to make it to the steps of the Broyles Center helped him into the building.

At that point, Dean Weber was called. Immediately, the Arkansas trainer asked for an ambulance. He was rushed to Washington Regional Hospital. After several hours of taking fluids, Howard was released and spent the remainder of the day in his dorm room.

"We think DeArrius will be okay in a day or two," Houston Nutt said. "We just didn't want to take any chances. He was just dehydrated and dizzy."

Howard has thrown up during several practices in the last week. His training was not full speed this summer because of an inner ear infection. It would appear that Howard would be a candidate to redshirt.

With Howard out and Radale Pearson awaiting season ending ACL surgery in two weeks, the Hogs became thinner at tailback. DeCori Birmingham, moved to wide receiver last week, worked some at tailback on Tuesday.

The Hogs worked extrensively on the goal line on Tuesday in what Nutt termed a good practice. However, he admitted Money's injury put a damper on the workout.

"He hurt his knee in middle drill," Nutt said. "You know there is that possiblity when you go full go in middle drill, but you need the contact to get ready."

Mike Markuson said it's "a damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. The Hogs' offensive line coach said a defender fell on Money's knee in the heavy contact drill.

"I think we'll have Shannon back in two weeks, maybe sooner," Markuson said. "In the meantime, we'll move up Bo Lacy. It'll be good for Bo, but you want your starting left tackle on the field for practice. That doesn't help you. I hope it's not something that takes longer than that."

Money was visibly upset on the sidelines as doctors checked his knee.

"I was in shape and ready for my senior year," he said. "This isn't good. They say it's not a bad injury, but I just don't know. Yeah, it doesn't seem right. It's not the way to start off the year."

In the morning practice, Shawn Andrews, offensive tackle from Camden, spent the workout in the training room for treatment on a minor ankle sprain from Monday's scrimmage. Andrews was on the sideline for the afternoon practice, but not in pads. Also, watching from the sidelines was Tony Bua after he took a knee to the thigh on Monday.

Houston Nutt said the Hogs were a "little sore" at Tuesday's workout because of the intense hitting Monday afternoon.

"We had some missed assignments and we wanted to get those corrected this morning," Nutt said. "And, we put in some of our two-minute offense. We talked to our team about last night's NFL game, the way it ended with a Hail Mary to win the game. We showed the defensive backs the importance of knocking the pass down instead of trying to intercept it."

Nutt said Ryan Sorahan continues to excel.

"We love Ryan Sorahan," Nutt said. "He moved the team in Monday's scrimmage. He is playing smart and throwing the ball well."


Brennan O'Donohoe (above) during Tuesday's morning workout. 


Equipment managers Kyle Jordan (left) and Mark Taylor visit before practice.


The south end zone Tuesday morning.


Brick is being added to the supports that hold the SmartVision.

Photos by Clay Henry



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