Early Arrival

Arkansas quarterback commit Rafe Peavey (6-2, 212), who has led his team to a 6-0 start, will be a mid-term graduate and be able to go through spring practice with the Razorbacks in 2014.

Arkansas senior quarterback commit Rafe Peavey will be able to go through 2014 spring practice with the Razorbacks.

Peavey's dad Jack, a former NFL player and college coach at Southwest Baptist, confirmed his son will be a December graduate.

"He planned that alone as a freshman with his guidance counselor," noted Jack Peavey, now the athletic director at Oklahoma Baptist University. "I was impressed he heard that I told a recruit how smart that is and he set it up."

Rafe Peavey (6-2, 212) surprised his dad with that knowledge during with a meeting with a coach.

"Last year some coach asked us – are you mid-year?" the elder Peavey said. "He said yes while I said no. He said, 'Dad, I have had that covered for a long time.'"

Peavey has led his team to a 6-0 mark so far this season while completing 66-of-87 passes for 1,002 yards and nine touchdowns and also rushed for over 700 yards and another 10 scores for head coach Lance Roweton's squad.

"I found out my sophomore year that if the play broke down, it was important to make good decisions and make plays with my feet as well as my arm," Peavey said. "I have just tried to continue to do that these last two seasons.

"Our team has done really well on offense and been very physical," Peavey added. "My receivers and backs have done a great job getting open and making plays and our offensive line has really played well."

Roweton can't say enough good things about Peavey.

  "He's playing great," Roweton said. "He is playing about as well as anyone can offensively and is just a great leader on and off the field. He is such a winner.

  "He is just such a joy to coach and someone of great character that feels strongly about representing our school and our community," Roweton added. "Arkansas is getting a great person and a great quarterback."

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