Chaney would like fourth-down call back

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney always second guesses a few calls. The fourth down play on the goal line fits in that category after the Arkansas loss to Auburn.

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney said there is always second guessing after viewing the videotape, win or lose. There were several plays on Sunday after the look at a 35-17 loss to Auburn that was the sixth straight loss for Arkansas.

"You can see improvement from our team," Chaney said. "But there are still execution situations. There were three plays on that first drive where if we do something a little better, we get in the end zone.

"There were some good things throughout the night. You see improvement. But there are things like the turnovers and the plays on the goal line at the end of the first half that are struggles."

The fourth-and-1 play on the goal line where Jonathan Williams was hit before he could get back to the line of scrimmage was one of the execution issues and a call Chaney would like to have back.

"I always say there are five to eight calls a game that I'd like to have back," Chaney said. "The third-and-1 play, the first one down there, I liked that call. But the fourth down play, I would do that one different.

"That was an isolation call and we lost leverage on the way out man. He outplayed us."

Line coach Sam Pittman said that play should have worked anyway. He said there were two blockers assigned to the weakside linebacker on the failed play.

"We had both the front side and back side guard on him," Pittman said. "They both missed and he came right over the top. Both of them could have took him and they didn't. We just got whipped.

"We have a job to do (as coaches) and we do it enthusiastically. We have to keep going and get it done. I see positives. We controlled the ball, but we had turnovers and we didn't get it in the end zone on that drive before half."

Chaney said tape review showed what needs to be done to eliminate the pass interference calls on two different tight ends.

"The first one was a fundamental mistake and it was the proper call," Chaney said of the call against Mitchell Loewen. "We will get that fixed. He was nowhere close to being right there.

"The second one (against Hunter Henry), they can make that call whenever they want. But there is some technique problem that can be fixed to eliminate the risk. Hunter extended his hand and put himself in a bad position."

Tight ends coach Barry Lunney said, "We opened ourselves for those calls. The first, like Jim said, was a bad play on our part. It's pretty black and white. It was costly and was critical. The last one, Hunter opened his hand and extended it. It's the wrong technique and he knows it. I don't think you'll see either one happen again."

Defensively, coordinator Chris Ash was haunted by another game with no takeaways. It's been the theme of the 0-5 SEC start.

"When they come, they tend to come in streaks," Ash said. "But we have to do some things to help ourselves. We have to get more pressure on the quarterback so we have some balls up in the air. And when we put a hat on the ball on the quarterback run. It was right there with three guys there and no one got it. We have to get those."

Linebackers coach Randy Shannon said, "We stress making that play. What I stress with them is that there is no next time in football. You have to make that recovery when you get the chance. There are some good spots, but when there is a loose ball and when you get a chance at an interception, you make that play."

The Hogs shuffled the deck again at linebacker with true freshman Brooks Ellis taking over in the middle. Jarrett Lake moved back to weakside and Braylon Mitchell moved back to strong side.

"We were very happy with Brooks," Ash said. "We saw some very good things on tape. He put him with the ones and twos the last two weeks and decided to go with him.

"He got our defense lined up better and made very few false steps. He made some plays both inside and outside. He's the closest thing we have to a natural middle linebacker. He's tough and is accountable. It is his natural position."

How much did they ask him to do?

"He made the calls," Ash said. "We didn't give him a lot. We tried to keep it simple. But he was able to do what we asked."

Shannon said, "It's been a juggling act in the middle. We decided to put Brooks in there and get Jarrett back to his best position, the will. That's where he belongs. We got Brooks a lot of work during the open week and saw that he'd done a good job of learning the defense and the package. The open week was big for Brooks."

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