Wednesday Practice Report, 8/15

The Hogs had some minor injuries in practice Wednesday, but none should be serious. Follow the link for a full practice report and images.

Arkansas escaped Wednesday afternoon's practice without sustaining any serious injuries, but the football practice didn't pass without a scare.

Center Josh Melton left practice after middle drills with his arm in a sling. However, after practice Houston Nutt said Melton just received a blow to his funny bone.

"Josh Melton will be fine, and Shannon Money is moving around pretty good today," Nutt said. "I think we are okay in both places. Josh just hit his funny bone and it's okay."

Money missed the day's two workouts after sustaining a sprain to his medial collateral knee ligament.

Batman Carroll did not practice after sustaining a slight groin pull. Carroll had to be restrained from serious work in the afternoon by trainer Dean Weber. The veteran UA trainer expects Carroll back in a day or two. He ordered ice for Carroll instead of extensive rehab, as the freshman defensive back had planned to do Wednesday afternoon.

There was one position switch, or unswitch. Freshman Clarke Moore was returned to middle linebacker after spending one day at tight end. Moore said he preferred linebacker, and defensive coordinator John Thompson also requested that Moore move back to defense.

Nutt said several Razorbacks, including starters Zak Clark and Mark Bokermann, were excused for the second half of the workout to attend church.

"It's a Catholic Holy day, and they went to church," Nutt said.

Both players received extensive work before they missed the final 30 minutes of a scrimmage.

"We hit the grind of two-a-days today and we had some missed assignments," Nutt said. "It's tough.We've had some good weather, but it's still a tough grind. You saw some effects of that this afternoon.

"I thought our quarterbacks did well. Matt Jones and Tarvaris Jackson were both excellent. There were a couple of throws that Tarvaris made today that were big-time. He put them in there. Matt Jones made some plays on the option where he just ran away from everyone. Both of those guys are doing so well. It's tough on them in our offense because there is so much as far as different formations, motion and things to execute. That's where they are behind Zak and Ryan.

"Ryan Sorahan moved the team again. That's what he always does, move the team. He executes our offense."

Arkansas worked Wednesday morning on individual corrections after checking film of Tuesday afternoon's goal line scrimmage.

Ahmad "Batman" Carroll "slightly" stretched a groin muscle in the workout outside on the grass practice field. Houston Nutt said Carroll admitted that he had not properly stretched during pre-practice warmups. Carroll likely will miss the afternoon workout, but could return as soon as Thursday.

Fred Talley had his best practice of preseason, working in impressive fashion, according to coaches. As the Hogs have stayed on the grass, Talley's surgically fixed knee has felt stronger and stronger. Nutt vows not to practice again on the Astroturf of Walker Pavilion unless weather presents dangerous conditions outside.

DeArrius Howard watched practice, and said he felt fine after a scare Tuesday morning that sent him to the hospital because of dehydration. Howard is not expected to practice today or Thursday.

Offensive tackle Shannon Money said his knee was not noticably worse Wednesday after he sustained a slight strain of the medial collateral ligament in his knee Tuesday afternoon. One of the toughest Hogs, he vowed to return inside of the two-week window doctors had predicted he'd be out.

Offensive guard Kenny Sandlin said the Hogs are meshing well, and coming together as a team.

"I like the way things are going," he said. "We are in shape and working harder than the past couple of years. There has been more hitting and we need it. I know Shannon got hurt, but it was just a freak thing where someone fell on him in middle drill. That could happen in other drills, too. We need middle drill. The intensity has been there this fall."

Jimmy Beasley

Jimmy Beasley takes a water break.

James Johnson

James Johnson (85) runs the ropes.

Jermaine Brooks

Jermaine Brooks (48) works in a D-line drill.

Outside LB

The outside linebackers get some work.

Defensive Line

Bobby Allen works the defensive line.

Zak Clark

Zak Clark (17) prepares to take a snap.

Defensive Line

Jermaine Brooks prepares to scoop a tennis ball in a D-line quickness drill.

Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn (above) instructs the outside linebackers. Jeb Huckeba is 15, and Pierre Brown is 44.

Photos by Clay Henry

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