Segrest Is All In For Arkansas

New Arkansas defensive line and special teams coach Rory Segrest - a former Philadelphia Eagles coach - asserted Friday during a teleconference that he relishes his new challenge with the Razorbacks and will not be intimidated at all on his new stage.

For those Arkansas fans thinking that the moment may too big for Razorback defensive line and special teams coach Rory Segrest just because his last stop was at Division I FCS school Samford, he says think again.

A former Alabama player on the 1992 National Championship team and recent Samford assistant – who also has coached over 100 NFL games with the Philadelphia Eagles - made that clear in a teleconference with media on Friday as he goes about replacing Charlie Partridge.

"Anytime you come in and replace a guy like that, you have got to come in and prove yourself," Segrest said. "I feel very confident in what I teach, I am excited about being able to work with these guys.

"I have over 100 games of NFL experience under my belt so I am definitely not intimidated by any means," Segrest added. "I am just really excited about getting things going with these guys."

Segrest noted that he had several opportunities with BCS programs, but didn't want to make a move just to make one.

"I had several opportunities to move on to bigger jobs with offers from BCS programs, but it was nothing that I thought was worth moving my family for until now," Segrest said. "I didn't want to make a move just to be waiting for the next move and I knew that if I was patient and kept working hard that an opportunity like this would present itself."

Segrest will not only be trying to replace Partridge as the defensive line and special teams coach, but also try to match his reputation as a recruiter.

"There haven't been any definite decisions as far as where I am going to be recruiting, but where I have recruited now is South Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida, the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and I grew up in Georgia," Segrest said.

"I have recruited the whole state of Georgia, practically ever part of Alabama, into the state of Tennessee and Kentucky," Segrest added. "I have several areas that I am familiar with and right now we are just trying to look at some different options and what would be the best fit."

"I have been a recruiting coordinator, but it is obviously a different ball game when you are in the SEC - which is big-time football," Segrest said. "The thing I have got going for me is I am a hard worker and I plan on doing everything I need to do to get the job done as far as recruiting.

"A big part of recruiting is personality and I feel like I have a personality and I think that I have a great rapport with kids so I am not concerned about that issue whatsoever," Segrest added.

Part of the reason that Bielema offered the job to Segrest was that he also has a great reputation as a special teams coach - as did Partridge.

"I have basically worked with every specialist in terms of kicking, punting, holding, snapping," Segrest said. "I feel very confident coaching any of those guys."

Segrest, whose former team lost to Arkansas 31-21 this past season, said there were two main reasons that he pursued the Razorback opening.

"First of all, it is a young football team and you can see that there is a lot of development still to be done," Segrest said. "That's actually an exciting thing for me.

"As we prepared there, you could tell the fundamentals are coached and guys are trying to do things the right way," Segrest added. "To me, it is a little bit of a change from what has been there – especially on the defensive side of the ball as far as the scheme goes.

"I am very excited about things and think there is a lot of talent to work with on the defensive front and I am ready to get things rolling," Segrest continued.

The talent includes junior defensive end Trey Flowers, who recently decided to come back from his senior season instead of opting for the NFL draft. "Unfortunately I am only familiar with jersey numbers at this point, but I do know who Flowers is," Segrest said. "I have tried to watch as much film as I can the last day-and-a-half here.

"Obviously, it is a big thing getting him back," Segrest said. "He has got some ability and there are a lot of young guys coming back. There is a lot of talent up front, a lot of guys that need to be developed and I am definitely looking forward to the challenge of working with them."

Segrest was the Eagles' special teams quality control/assistant defensive line coach (2006-07), special teams coordinator (2007-09) and defensive line coach (2009-10) and also coached in the Pro Bowl in 2009.

That was between stints at Samford from 2002-2005 and 2011-2013.

Segrest came right to Fayetteville upon getting the new post.

"I came up right away trying to get some administrative stuff done in the next couple of days and then we have the National Coaching Convention coming up and I knew that would be an opportunity to get packed up and moved before we go out on the road recruiting," Segrest said.

"Definitely just wanted to get up here and get the ball rolling on as many areas as I could," Segrest added.

Rory Segrest

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