Brown Raves About Arkansas Visit

Arkansas makes a great impression on Miami, Fla., Killian defensive end Anthony Brown (6-4, 235), who pronounces the Razorbacks his leader at the conclusion of his official visit this weekend.

After a big-time senior season, Miami, Fla., Killian defensive end and Florida International commit Anthony Brown saw many more options come his way.

One of those was Arkansas, where Brown (6-4, 235) took an official visit this weekend.

"The first part is it's SEC football," Brown said. "Who wouldn't want to play in the SEC, the best college football in the world? Arkansas told me I might have the opportunity to play my first year. They trust me even though I've only been playing this sport for two years. That's another big thing, the trust.

"They also know I need to be taught," Brown said. "They know what they're getting out of me and they respect that. That's another thing I saw in Arkansas that I did like."

Brown said Sunday that the Arkansas visit exceeded his expectations.

"It was a good experience," Brown said. "I liked being here. I liked the coaches, I liked the school. Everything is positive. I like the school, I like the vibe here. I can see myself being a Razorback."

As it is with many recruits, Friday night's trip to the Catfish Hole restaurant was a big hit with Brown.

"It was good and we never see that back in Miami," Brown said. "That was a good experience."

Brown currently has trips scheduled to Mississippi State and Cincinnati the next two weeks, but that might not happen now.

"I might still take my visits, but definitely leaning toward Arkansas after this weekend," Brown said. "I came up here, I loved what I seen and I'll just take it from there."

Brown did say he could end the process soon.

"It depends," Brown said. "I can't honestly say that now, but as the week goes and recruiting starts progressing, I can definitely see myself making my decision soon."

Brown is a fan of Razorback assistant coach Randy Shannon, the former Miami head coach who has been his lead recruiter.

"He's nice," Brown said. "He came to my school and came to my house. We had a good conversation," Brown said. "When I spoke to him it wasn't all about football. We had a conversation and laughed a little bit, so it wasn't all about football. He's a nice guy."

"When I spoke to Coach Shannon he said he saw me as a pass rusher," Brown added later. "When he said that, that's one of the things I like to do, so I had big eyes like, 'If I can come in here and pass rush and we can build off of that, that would be great.'"

His host was Arkansas freshman offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, who is also from Miami.

"I know Denver actually from my freshman year when I went to Booker T. and I knew him from there," Brown said. "It was pretty much like catching up. He is good people. He's a funny dude. A cool person."

He might end up majoring in business, something for which Arkansas is known.

"I want to get into business, but like no matter what I do I honestly feel like I will be able to succeed with all of the resources and the things you need to help you and aid you," Brown said. "The academics would be really good here."

Brown assessed his strengths and weaknesses before his official visit began.

"I think my strengths are being able to come off the ball quick, being able to move my hips, being able to use my hands," he said. "I think my biggest weakness is being able to look for the ball. All my defensive coaches that have coached me have told me to stop looking for the ball and standing up straight. I'm already tall enough, so if a tackle or guard gets up under me it's all over. So that's the thing I have to work on, staying low."

Anthony Brown

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