Brown interested to play DB in SEC

Little Rock Catholic junior athlete D.J. Brown said he could see himself playing defense in the SEC.

Little Rock Catholic athlete D.J. Brown may have the choice to play in nearly any conference next February.

The 2015 prospect has garnered interest from schools in the Atlantic Coastal Conference, the Big Ten and the Pac 12, but he said the chance to play in the Southeastern Conference may be the one he cannot pass up.

"I don't really ever put thought into what conference it is, but knowing I will probably play defense if I go to a SEC school, I would want to be in the best conference to play football," Brown said. "So yeah, the SEC sounds more appealing just based on how good the competition is."

One SEC school that he may play running back at is the one he grew up rooting for -- but that's not Arkansas.

"At Mizzou, they use smaller backs so I would probably play running back there. But they would look at me at corner, too," he said.

"I talked to the running back coach and they watched my film and they liked it a lot. They know I am an athlete, so they are still figuring out where I will fit best for the program. But they said they would come in for spring practice and evaluate me more. And then I am playing at their summer camp, the elite one. So I'm pretty sure that if I do good at that camp, then I will get offered. It's basically all about how well I do at the summer camp."

Still, he said he thinks he would like to play defensive back in the long run and he realizes the Razorbacks will need help in the secondary.

"Arkansas needs the defensive backs, so if I go there, I expect to play d-back," Brown said. "And I prefer d-back for when I get to college. One reason is because they have longer careers. Running backs only average like a three or four-year career in the NFL.

"But at corner, with my body frame, I could gain a little weight. I'm gaining weight now. I went from about 167 to 177, so I am gaining weight and at the next level, I think my size, my speed and my footwork would fit best at defensive back. So I think I would be more comfortable there."

Georgia is also recruiting Brown (5-foot-9, 177 pounds) as a defensive back. He plans to visit the Bulldogs and attend Missouri's Junior Day in the spring. He does not have any visits planned to Arkansas.

Even so, Brown lists the Razorbacks among his top three right now, along with Missouri and Indiana.

"I'm originally from Missouri, so growing up, I wanted to be a Tiger," he said. "But when I moved to Arkansas, I started learning a lot about the Razorbacks and going to high school here, most of my friends will probably move up to Fayetteville so it may actually mean more to be a Razorback in a lot of ways, but at the same time, most of my family is from Missouri, so it's a split."

D.J. Brown

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