Hogs "Hit the Wall"

First thing Houston Nutt says after practice is that his team has hit the wall. I think everybody agrees. The scrimmage and just one practice Sunday will give these guys a chance to get their legs back and get a little soreness out.

As far as practice:
• Sorahan didn't practice - was busy registering for school

• Zac Clark looked sharp and took almost all the snaps

• Cobbs took his only carry of the mini-scrimmage to the house while Holmes, Talley, Pierce and Brimingham, Dickerson and Howard also had their moments

• Breeden caught a bomb from Clark over Batman, who had just turned an ankle but would not come out

• Nutt lined the team up to run and then called them together and told them if the kickers could kick three field goals through the uprights, then they wouldn't run. So O'Donohoe, David Carlton and Thomas LaToof all hit 27-yarders much to their teammates delight.

• Carlton, the walk-on, booted several kickoffs out of the endzone and into construction. This is good. Will have other teams starting at the 20 it appears. He is the kickoff guy it would appear. Very strong leg.

• The scrimmage will feature cameos by the stars and starring roles by guys like Birmingham, Howard, Dickerson, Jones, Jackson and other young ones.

Sorry for the lateness, but had to cover a high school scimmage also and then couldn't get online for some reason.

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