Feeding Hollister Comes Easy

Arkansas has a new wide receiver in former Arizona Western standout Cody Hollister (6-4, 205), whose teammates say knows only one route when it comes to running for food.

New Arkansas quarterback Rafe Peavey and fellow early enrollee and wide receiver Cody Hollister are likely to hook up on many passes over the next few seasons, but they have one early thing to work on.

It seems that Hollister is in love with the restaurant Schlotzsky's and tries to push the Razorbacks' group of four early enrollees and roomates – that also include cornerback Chris Murphy and wide receiver Jared Cornelius – there for every meal.

"We have promised to do everything together, whether it is going to eat or something like that," Peavey said. "It is kind of like teammwork getting up in the morning, bonding and being there for each other.

But he's always Schlotzsky's this and Schlotzsky's that and we have to tell him we can't eat there all the time," Peavey said. "It's great, but not for every meal, which is what he would do if we agreed."

In his defense, Hollister (6-4, 205) says it reminds him of home – which is Bend, Oregon, where he was a high school star that caught 30 touchdown passes his final two years of high school.

"That is the one restaurant that was favorite in my home town and I thought it was just a West Coast thing," Hollister said. "I found out they had one here on my visit and I was like I got something to feel like home and go to and that's on our voucher so it's free so thats a positive.

"But yes, I know they don't want to go there all the time like I do," Hollister, who has three years of eligibility for the Razorbacks, said while laughing.

The two are a contrast in that Peavey was the first commit of the Razorback 2014 class – way back on June 6, 2012.

Hollister, on the other hand, was a late pick-up in mid-December after a standout 2013 season at Arizona Western in which he caught 68 passes for 922 yards and 5 touchdowns.

He was there with his twin brother Evan, who he had played high school football with, started out at Nevada as walk ons together and transferred to Arizona Western together.

But the pair knew that they would likely have to part ways after junior college and they did with Cody taking his offer from Arkansas instead of joining his brother at Wyoming.

"It was actually on my visit where I found out that his offer from Wyoming stood so that kind of gave me a sense of relief because I didn't want him to end up somewhere he was actually proud of," Hollister said. "He went to Wyoming. We still talk every day. It's a sense of relief for both of us because we have accomplished something big, but both still have something to prove."

Hollister is likely to add 15-20 pounds on his frame before the season due to the strength and conditioning program of Ben Herbert.

"I have loved it because I love working out," Hollister said. "He definitely loves working out. He knows what he is talking about and from just looking at his eyes you can tell he is passionate about it and I am excited. Just through this first couple of weeks I can tell that I am stronger and it is just going to get better from here."

Peavey (6-2, 212) also admits to enjoying being in the weight room and the opportunity to get bigger and stronger.

"I am used to working so I am loving every bit of it. I am just learning good fundamentals in the weight room."

Peavey, who is coming off a spectacular prep career where he 5,990 yards passing and 2,718 yards rushing while accounting for 107 touchdowns, admits things are a little different on the college level than what he expected.

"It wasn't really what I expected coming in here," Peavey said. "I am thankful now that I am actually here. I can't imagine being anywhere else. I am just so blessed to be here. I know God has me in the right place because this is really something special. The chemisty on this team and on this coaching staff – I don't think anybody else has it like that."

Cody Hollister

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