Arkansas Targets Trey Dickerson

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson will make the trek to North Dakota on Thursday to see Williston State College freshman point guard Trey Dickerson (6-1, 180), who is averaging nearly 20 points and 6 assists per game and will have three years of eligibilty at his next stop.

From Queens to Califorina to God's Academy to oil-rich Williston, North Dakota to Fayetteville.

That's a path that well-traveled junior college point guard Trey Dickerson (6-1, 180) – a Queens, N.Y. native - could end up taking as he continues his quest to make an appearance on the major college stage.

Dickerson (6-1, 180) is averaging 19.8 points, 5.8 assists and 3.9 rebounds this season for Williston State Community College and is hoping for an Arkansas offer after he plays in front of Razorback head coach Mike Anderson on Thursday night.

His Tetons (24-5, 7-1) host United Tribes Techinical College in an 8 p.m. game.

"He's had a great year for us," Williston head coach Eric Peterson said Wednesday afternoon. "I think he came in here thinking he was going to just be a distributor for us, but we needed him to score as well and he has really developed into a player that can really put up the points and just do it all on both ends of the floor."

Dickerson – who will have three years to play at his next stop and has offers from UAB, Nebraska and Iowa – originally signed with Murray State, but ended up going to Williston when he did not get his eligibility.

"He had Arkansas, Rutgers and Murray State as his last three teams, but really Murray State was the only one that could hang in there with him to see if he could get his eligibility," Peterson said. "The others had to move on to other players. But that is where his relationship begins and with Arkansas and probably a reason they have got a chance to land him.

"His relationship really has been with (Arkansas assistant) Coach (Melvin) Watkins and so unlike some of these other teams, Arkansas is not getting to the table late," Peterson said. "It's a big deal that Coach Anderson is coming out to see him here on Thursday."

Dickerson's work ethic certainly can't be question according to Peterson, who notes that because the player is a 4-2-4 guy, he has had to fight off some restrictions.

"A lot of people don't know that because he spent the summer at Murray State and is a 4-2-4 that he has to graduate from junior college to be able to go back to the Division I level," Peterson said. "But he has put in the hard work to get himself in position to do that.

"He had six hours that transferred from Murray State, took 20 hours in his first semester, took six hours in winter class during the break and now is taking 23 hours this semester to graduate," Peterson said. "So there is absolutely no question about his work ethic and his dedication."

He is the cousin for former NBA player Lamar Odom.

He also is gifted on the court as he has showed this season after played in Queens until he was a freshman, played at two California stops (Montclair Prep – which would close - and Price High School) and finished up his prep campaign at God's Academy in Dallas, Texas while averaging 23 points and 6 assists.

"He is 6-1, but can go up and dunk on anybody in traffic if he decides to do so," Peterson said. "He is very athletic, shoots it well, is a great distributor and just makes everybody around him better."

Dickerson currently has offers from UAB, Nebraska and Iowa, but has had tons of schools that are currently flocking to see him as the end of the season approaches.

"Arkansas has already been in here to see him once and Coach Anderson will be back on Thursday," Peterson said. "To just list off some of the other schools that have been to see him or will be in here are Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, Arizona State, Toledo, Nebraska, Boise State, Wichita State, UNLV, Iowa, Washington and Kansa State."

UAB and Nebraska – two of the schools that have offered - will definitely get two of Dickerson's five official visits.

"Trey is a fiercely loyal young man," Peterson said. "He was supposed to make a visit to UAB, but that got postponed because of the weather in the South. But he definitely wants to take an official visit there because they were the first to offer. He also wants to go to Nebraska because that was the first coach to fly up and see him.

"Arkansas is also in great shape because of the existing relationship with Coach Watkins and Arkansas' style of player, which would really fit him," Peterson said.

There has been some talk of Connors State forward Willie Atwood – who has an offer from the Razorbacks – and Dickerson playing there college basketball together.

UAB and Iowa have both offered the pair while Arkansas could be close to joining that group.

"Yes, there is a relationship there," Peterson said. "Willie came up to Murray State to visit when Trey was there last summer and they just really hit it off and and have become very good friends. They would love it if things could work out where they could play at the same place."

Dickerson had 17 points in Williston's 84-78 win over Bismark State College on Monday that clinched the homecourt in the upcoming Region XIII playoffs.

He has had some phenomenal games this season including a 37-point, 12-assist, 8 rebound one against Medicine Hat and a 38-point, 9-rebound, 6-asisst effort vs. Laramie.

"The one against Medicine Hat was good, but they are a Candian team that is not that good," Peterson said. "The one against Laramie was against great competition and he was just phenomenal."

Williston has grown from a city of 12,000 people to one of 50,000 in the last four years after oil was discoered in the area and companies and individuals came flooding into the city.

"Williston just didn't have enough housing to keep up with that and we had companies moving families and having the wives enroll in school full time just so they could get housing on campus," Peterson said. "They have also had companies who have booked every single room in hotels for the next year. The cheapest room here a night is $250. It's just amazing.

"Williston and Trey are a lot alike in they both have a bright, bright future ahead of them," Peterson said. "It's an exciting time around here."

Trey Dickerson

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