Dudley's Take on Scrimmage

First of all, I enjoyed watching Rush Hour 2 tonight much better than I did the scrimmage. That said - here's what else I saw - for what it's worth. The defense is very solid - Carlos Hall, Jermaine Petty and the d-backs were all very solid. I continue to say - as I have since preseason practice opens - that the defense will be phenomenal.

The offense got nothing accomplished when either Ced or Brandon or Talley weren't in, but that is not a surprise. DeCori had some nice runs late.
The fine tuning on the offensive line was a message being tsent his week - I expect it to be a strength later on, but wasn't tonight.
Matt Jones had some nice option runs and a nice TD pass on a play that he had the option to run, but he needs a ton of work and benefitted from the fact that the defense did not send complication his way as they did for the two who are going to play.
Zak had a bad night - has been much better in practice than he was tonight. Sorahan was average, he also has been better in practice.
David Carlton is your kickoff man, O'Donhoe the placekicker and Arkansas has two good punters - Richie Butler and O'Donohe.
There will be several punt returns and probably a couple of kick returns taken to the house.
I have yet to see a Fan Day scrimmage that has indicated anything about how the season is going to go.
They have been sore and flat since Wednesday. I expect them to have their legs back by the end of next week.
Nothing matters until Aug. 30th, but these type scrimmages certainly don't give the fans a lot of confidence.

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