Jennings Brings Texas Recruiting Flavor

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema says he didn't hire new secondary coach Clay Jennings simply because of his recruiting prowess in Texas, but certainly plans to use his vast knowledge of the state for the Razorbacks.

Arkansas' recruiting is expected to pick up in Texas this season, but Razorback head football coach Bret Bielema says that is not the number one reason he hired secondary coach Clay Jennings.

Jennings was the last of three new additions to the staff, joining the staff of new defensive coordinator Robb Smith and coming over from TCU where he obviously had ties to the state of Texas.

"I didn't get him because of his recruiting in Texas," Bielema said at his Friday press conference. "I mean, that's a great by-product of the hire. (But) I want to hire a football coach who can recruit whatever they can recruit wherever is a great way to look at it.

"…Clay, first, has made an immediate impact on our players and our staff room," Bielema added.

Jennings had one of the better quotes of the first week.

"A lot of energy," Jennings said of Arkansas' players in Thursday's practice, which featured a few skirmishes between the offense and defense. "Guys running around and talking a little trash to each other. I think for the most part, those guys aren't afraid to taste their own blood, so we're pretty excited about that."

Bielema said that Jennings has a vast knowledge of recruits in Texas.

"If I mention a kid in the entire state of Texas, he knows about him," Bielema continued. " If we mention a city, he's been there. One of the things that we'll do is we'll up our ante a little bit in the state of Texas.

Smith, Jennings and new defensive line coach Rory Segrest bring about some changes in recruiting territory.

"We'll still have two guys in Florida," Bielema said. "Rory brings some unique recruiting to the staff in Alabama and some areas he's kind of been in traditionally.

"Robb is one of those guys, I think there are certain people in our profession that can recruit really anywhere," Bielema added. "If you've got a great personality, if you can kind of get along with people, no matter what the environment, there's certain areas of the country you can just walk into."

"I mean, I walked into South Florida and I didn't know a soul, but I think just if you do your business the right way and handle things the right way, you can have success and that's what I think Robb can bring to the table."

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