Texas OT Sutherland Discusses Michigan

Texas (Flower Mound Marcus) offensive tackle Keaton Sutherland talks about his parents' connection to Michigan, and the Wolverines' shot at him.

Sam Webb: I just want to kind of get a little background on you first. Can you just take me through last season. I've talked to Kayden (Flower Mound Marcus 2016 TE Kayden Smith) already, but can you kind of talk to me about how last season went for you on the football field?

Keaton Sutherland: "It went pretty good. But I only got to play the first four league because I have a torn labrum and I needed surgery after the fourth week of the season, so I only got to play the first four weeks of the season."

Sam Webb: Do you feel like, after having sat out for the majority of the season, did you feel like that kind of slowed recruiting down for you or did it not really have an impact?

Keaton Sutherland: "I don't think it had much of an impact because a lot of teams got to see the film on those first four weeks and just kind of see what I'm about. I don't think it impacted very much."

Sam Webb: Do this for me and don't feel like you have to be modest. I want you to pretend like you're a scout or a coach in the stands and you're watching yourself on the football field. Kind of tell me what you see. Kind of give me a scouting report on your game.

Keaton Sutherland: "I think that I'm really athletic and I move my feet really well and I think my smarts helps a lot too. I've said before defensive end, mainly just because I've played both sides of the ball before. I know a lot about the game and I think my feet are just really the biggest part about my game."

Sam Webb: What is your height, your weight, and even your 40 time. Do you have those stats?

Keaton Sutherland: "I'm 6'6", 280, 5.0."

Sam Webb: Are most schools recruiting you as a left tackle or a right tackle or are they saying right now?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yes, usually they say offensive tackle but a lot of teams have told me left tackle."

Sam Webb: Michigan, they came and offered you. When they offered you, was it a surprise or did you kind of see it coming?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yeah, I was kind of surprised that I saw them at my school but I was pretty happy about the offer just because of how my parents lived in Michigan and I'm pretty fond of Michigan football."

Sam Webb: So your parents lived in Michigan, how long ago?

Keaton Sutherland: "They moved right before they had me actually, so, pretty much their whole childhood and after being married."

Sam Webb: Did you always grow up watching Michigan football or is that something that you picked up a little later?

Keaton Sutherland: "I wouldn't say I always grew up watching Michigan football but my grandfather is a big fan. If I was over at his house, that was the biggest game there in Michigan. I usually watch Saturdays but I would say I grew up watching it all the time."

Sam Webb: Do you still have family up this way?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: As far as who you did grow up liking, were you a Texas fan, were you a fan of any program growing up?

Keaton Sutherland: "No sir, I've never been a fan of any football team. I guess that's probably why this recruiting is so hard for me, because I'm open to everything."

Sam Webb: Offer wise, do you know off the top of your head how many you have?

Keaton Sutherland: "16."

Sam Webb: Of those 16, you say it's really difficult. Have any of those schools started to stick out for you yet at all?

Keaton Sutherland: "No sir, not really."

Sam Webb: Have you visited any of those schools yet?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yes sir, I've visited a couple of schools."

Sam Webb: Where did you visit and kind of tell me what those visits were like.

Keaton Sutherland: "I visited Texas A&M, Texas, Arkansas, OU, Ole Miss, TCU, Baylor."

Sam Webb: You have really made the rounds. You've gotten out and about. Do you have any plans over the next few months on taking any more visits or are you going to take it easy for a little while?

Keaton Sutherland: "No sir, I don't have any plans right now."

Sam Webb: Coach Funk, I think it was Coach Funk that recruits your school. What do you think of Coach Funk as a coach and as a guy. What are your impressions of him so far?

Keaton Sutherland: "Actually I didn't meet him yet. He wasn't the one who came to our school. I talked on the phone with him once and he seems like a pretty cool guy and a guy that I could play for."

Sam Webb: Who was it from Michigan that came to your school?

Keaton Sutherland: "I forgot his name."

Sam Webb: Kind of do this, let us talk very broadly. When you get ready to sit down and make your decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Keaton Sutherland: "I think it's going to be the college atmosphere, academics, athletics, and just like probably being able to have fun there and be there for the next four years of my life and cheer on that school for the rest of my life."

Sam Webb: What about distance from home? Is that going to be a big deal for you?

Keaton Sutherland: "I'm not sure if it's going to be a big deal but I would like for my parents to come to most of my games."

Sam Webb: What about timeline, do you have a game plan, are you going to be one of those kids who waits until signing day of his senior year to make a decision?

Keaton Sutherland: "I don't think I'm going to wait that long, I don't want to rush it anyway."

Sam Webb: I don't know if you and Kayden are close at all. Do you guys ever have any conversations about maybe going to the same school?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yeah, we talk all the time. We've talked about how awesome tat would be, but obviously we have different likes and dislikes. We've talked; it would be awesome if it is. He's a year behind me so I don't know if it will happen or not."

Sam Webb: I guess the only other thing I would ask is, I'm going to try to get out and see you. Did Michigan talk to you at all about coming up to their camp. Have they talked to you at all about a visit yet?

Keaton Sutherland: "Yes, they've asked when I'd be able to come up. They gave me their camp information and stuff. I'm not sure. I haven't talked to my parents about that yet."

Sam Webb: I was wondering if you have your head coach's number. I'd like to talk to him a little bit about you and maybe Kayden too to kind of get some more background for the story."

Keaton Sutherland: "I could just text it to you."

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