Agim Takes In Arkansas Again

In his weekly recruiting column for Hawgs Illustrated, Dudley E. Dawson chats with Hope junior defensive end McTevlin Agim (6-3, 258), who was in Fayetteville Thursday for the Razorbacks' Elite Camp and who is one of the nation's top 2016 prospects. This story is free and courtesy of the NWA Chevy Dealers. Click the banner to learn more.

It was just a few months ago when Hope junior defensive end McTelvin Agim (6-3, 258) was a relative unknown in college football circles, but my how things have changed since.

After Arkansas offered him his first scholarship back early this year, Agim – who was on hand for the Razorbacks' Elite Camp on Thursday - saw his recruitment take off and he's now up to nine offers with Stanford being the last to throw one down.

“They (the Razorbacks) offered before any other school showed any interest, before any other school had even known about me,” Agim said. “They are sticking with me and I like that about them.

“...It is a good relationship (with the Arkansas coaches). They are cool people, good to be around and I just want to keep building that so when I decide on my college I will know exactly which one I want to go to.”

Agim's offers also include ones from Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ole Miss, Baylor and Arkansas State and he's seen many of those places this summer.

“I have been able to see Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Ole Miss and I am going to see Stanford on the 26th – this Saturday,” Agim said. “I was at a Baylor camp in Marshall (Texas) and I visited with the coaches.”

As with most big-time athletes, Agim is getting a lot of free advice on where he should play his college football, but he is trying to limit the number of people in his inner circle.

“There are a lot of people thinking I should go to Arkansas seeing as how I go to school in Arkansas,” Agim said. “But there are a lot of people in Texas want me to come back to Texas because I was born and raised in Texas.

“I am just trying to stay focused and keep my circle small. When I get to making a decision, I am just going to pray about it and let God decide where I should go.”

Agim, who had 76 tackles, 16 sack and six blocked punts last season, is getting ready to head into the 2014 high school season and will thus put recruiting on the back burner.

He joins with junior offensive lineman KeDarius Rowe (6-3, 315) to give the Bobcats' two Division I prospects in the 2016 class.

“I think after my junior year I will start narrowing it down,” Agim said. “I think I will have a good perception of where I should go.”

Agim has recently began to explore graduating early so he could be on his campus of choice to go through spring drills in 2016. “I am thinking about graduating early,” Agim said. “I don't know if that is official yet. But if I graduate early, I would leave in December. I am going to see what is up – talk to my mom, my counselors, my coaches and see how that will all play out.”

He went into the summer focusing on some things that he believed he needed to improve on.

“Speed, hands, explosiveness,” Agim said. “I am just trying to eat right, trying to hydrate myself so I don't catch cramps this season – all of that. Hand movement, hand placement, all of the things like that.”

He's also watching what he puts into his body.

“I am trying to give up chips, sodas and trying to drink water,” Agim said. “Drink Gatorade, but not too much Gatorade. Trying to eat a salad every once in awhile. Trying to eat fruits. I did know that fruits were that important. I am trying to eat potatoes at every meal, but trying not to eat too many foods that are fried – have baked chicken or something like that.”

McTelvin Agim

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