Portis More Confident

Bobby Portis spoke like a veteran Monday when he met with the Arkansas media following a busy summer for the sophomore basketball star.

The roster passed out in the media room Monday by a member of the Arkansas sports information staff lists sophomore forward Bobby Portis as 6-10, 240 pounds. That's not stretching the Little Rock Hall product one bit.

In fact, Portis told the assembled media that he's more like 6-11, and maybe 7-1 with his shoes on after growing a couple of inches in the last year.

But it's not just physical stature that has changed for Portis. He's different mentally after going to a big man's camp and then the Lebron James Camp

"It was a great experience," Portis said. "To go against the best player's in the nation was a great experience. I came back with a ton of confidence, with the ability to score on the block."

Portis said he learned how to play with a lower center of gravity on the block so he doesn't get moved around.

"I added to my low post game, learned to stay lower when I post up," Portis said. "Sometimes I raise my butt up and I learned to keep it down."

Portis was joined by teammate Michael Qualls at the Lebron Camp. He said his buddy improved in all areas since last season.

"I saw him playing his role in the games, a guy who cuts to the basket, can dunk it and can shoot a jump shot," Portis said. "He's expanded his game. He's become more consistent in his shooting and his dribbling has come along."

Asked if he got a chance to visit with Lebron James at the camp, Portis admitted that it was limited access as far as one-on-one. That was just days before James announced his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavs. Portis deadpanned, "I made Lebron go back to Cleveland."

Portis did admit that it was where he wanted him to sign.

"That was my team, from when Lebron was drafted," Portis said. "I'm a Lebron guy."

Portis said he tried to talk to James when there was a photo opportunity.

"But it was like, move along, move along," Portis said. "He didn't say a lot."

As far as interaction with the campers at large, Portis said of James, "He's real funny, hilarious and real energetic."

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