Killian: I'm Good Now

Trey Killian cuts tour with Team USA short to rest sore arm. The junior pitching ace looks forward to a big year with the Razorbacks.

Iron man pitcher Trey Killian got a little scare this summer with what turned out to be a brief bout with tendinitis, but should be fine for his junior season with the Arkansas baseball team.

Despite missing the first six games with a suspension, Killian led the 40-25 Razorbacks with 94 innings and was the Friday night starter down the stretch. He posted four complete games.

Ultimately, that earned Killian a spot on the Team USA baseball team after a tryout in late June. Arkansas head coach Dave Van Horn was the head coach for the 40-day tour. Killian made three appearances before his arm tightened. He was shut down after the team traveled to The Netherlands. He did not make the trip to Cuba for the final five games of the tour.


"It got a little tight," Killian said. "I'm good now. I'm recovering. I've done a lot of strength exercises and stretching. I should be fine for the fall.

"I just needed a few weeks rest mainly. I didn't get to pitch in Europe when my arm started acting up. I didn't get to see Cuba and from seeing the pictures, that was a pretty sweet setup.

"I was ready to come home and get ready for a season with the Razorbacks, what's most important.

"I think it was just tight from fatigue. It was my arm telling me to shut it down."

Van Horn said the health of players was always his "biggest concern" during the trip.

"Our coaches and our (medical staff), that's what we were there to do, take care of guys and watch for that," Van Horn said of Killian's sore arm. "Trey pitched well for us. The first outing, he was electric, 91 and 92. He was good in the second one, too. The third one, his arm started to bother him. We got him checked and there was nothing wrong with the ligament, but we were fresh off the deal with (Jalen) Beeks.

"Trey had already been looked at a couple of times with Team USA, then we got an MRI back here and it was just tendinitis."

Killian loved the part he did experience with Team USA.

"The talent was unbelievable," he said. "To travel every day around the states was a great experience. We got to see what pro ball will be like."

Killian said he bonded with Van Horn on the trip since they knew each other best.

"It was good to be with him," Killian said. "Me and Coach Van Horn got closer on this trip. It was a great trip. It's great to have guys like (Vanderbilt ace) Carson Fulmer throw on your side of the chalk."

Did he see a different side of the usually intense Van Horn?

"Maybe he was a little more relaxed," Killian said. "He was a pretty mellow guy. He sat back and let us play and he'd chip in with some thoughts to help us when he could."

Van Horn laughed about that. He said it might have started out like that, but his instincts took over at some point.

"You are with all stars and you don't want to do too much," he said. "But if you see some guys not doing their job or not going all out, you are going to step in there. When you recruit a guy and spend a lot of time with them and then coach them on your team, it's easier to do that. But at some point, you say, 'Hey, I may not have a lot of time invested in you, but I need to say this.' It was fine."

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