State of the Hogs: Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen has more velocity on his passes than before his injury. That was among many things discussed in an interesting interview.

Brandon Allen knows how to avoid getting his truck egged, velocity is at an all-time high with his passes and knowledge of the offense has improved with all in the second year under Jim Chaney as coordinator.

Those are among the many items discussed in an exclusive interview with Bo Mattingly on SportsTalk with Bo.

It was very revealing and well done. Brandon said his injury was a separation of the AC joint. One of the options was surgery after the season, but doctors explained that the only benefit was that it would erase a nice little bump on his shoulder. He knows his arm and shoulder are much stronger than last year with greater velocity than before the injury.

"I dove in the end zone and had a freak injury," he said. "They said I could dive like that 100 more times and it never happen again."

Allen said he had to take shots in order to practice last year and only got on the field on Wednesdays leading up to game day. He also took shots in order to play. He watched from the sideline the other days of the week until the last two games.

The main difference between this year and last, Allen said, is the overall knowledge of the offense throughout the unit. He said he is much further along than last year when he said "at this time of year a year ago, I didn't really know the offense."

He said receivers were not fully versed in the offense, either. He said they might know "half of the route tree, but didn't know the other half. They know it all now. And, we have many more weapons. We've got a receiving group that can go catch the ball and we have several tight ends and we have a good group of running backs and a very good offensive line."

As far as the chances of the team, Allen said, "We want to show what we can do. We have a team that really know one has seen play at the level we know we can play. I want to show people what I can do, and what our team can do and we want to show them in this first game. We have a real team."

Allen said the entire season was "rock bottom. It's never fun losing. You have to walk around campus knowing you got beat and you have to live with that."

The velocity is back.

"I'm 100 percent, I'm not timid about landing on it," he said. "I've landed on it. I've got more velocity than last year."

Not practicing was a killer.

"It was all of the things I was missing," he said. "Not getting the on the field reps is tough as a player. You want to see it in practice so that when you get in games it looks similar. That was the toughest thing.

"I couldn't throw without shots. They kinda leave soreness afterwards. That's why we picked one day. I'd be sore on Thursday and Friday. I couldn't feel it. They taped it down and padded it up."

Criticism was bad all year for Allen.

"It was tough, but playing quarterback for any major college program is the same," Allen said. "People are going to hate you when you win and love you win you win. You are going to get this. It's the nature of the position and anyone who has played it knows it."

His truck was egged after one loss.

"My roommates were more upset than I was," he said. "That was a tough deal. It was after an overtime loss to Mississippi State. What I learned from that, win and you won't get your truck egged."

The work in the summer at the IMG Acacemy with Chris Weinke helped his footwork and create a better base.

"I'm a lot more accurate than last year," he said. "My feet were everywhere last year and I'm so much better with my base. My footwork in the pocket is better."

The help around him will make him better.

"We have a whole lot more targets," he said. "We have weapons on our team. We can go score on anyone and that's what is clicking with us. We have a team, a good team and now it's time to go show it."

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