Saturday Practice Report, 8/25

Houston Nutt put it on the Hogs long and hard Saturday morning in a two-hour plus practice in the heat with full pads. Sacha Lancaster was not able to practice for the second straight day. Images included.

Game week continues for Arkansas' football team. In what would be a normal Tuesday practice for game week if the Hogs were playing on Saturday, Houston Nutt put his squad through a tough, two-hour plus workout in the morning. The team went in full pads after a padless workout Friday.

Sacha Lancaster, injured in Thursday's workout, continued to rehab from an ankle sprain. He watched practice in shorts. Coaches and trainers still expect him to make it back for the season opener against UNLV on Thursday night in Little Rock.

"We had a physical practice and worked hard," Nutt said. "We are getting closer. We looked at UNLV's counter series. They do a good job of putting a hat on a hat and then they have speed. And, on offense, we worked hard on our pass protection and the two-minute drill. We had a good day."

The workout concluded with a brisk conditioning drill. The results pleased Strength and Condtioning Coach Don Decker. He said, "We look good. We are in the best shape we've been in for an overall squad. The guys made their times easily."

Line coach Bobby Allen said defensive end Sacha Lancaster continues to do well in his rehab.

"Sacha tells me he has the straight ahead movement back, no problem," Allen said. "We'll hold him out until we are out of pads, then check his side to side motion on Tuesday. There is discoloration, but no swelling. We are hoping it looks bad on the outside, but is okay inside. What you don't know is what happens when he plays. The first time he gets hit or rolls it again, does it go back to the way it was two days ago and swell up. We don't know that.

"But we are thin and need him back out there. Jason Peters has had to learn several positions. Right now, Jason is the backup at both inside and outside, and we've cross trained Raymond House, too, at both ends. The thing that's good is that Gavin Walls is really coming. He's going to help us at end."

Mike Markuson, the Hogs' offensive line coach, liked what he saw of Shawn Andrews, the backup right tackle.

"For a freshman, he's got what you want as far as the size, strength and explosion," Markuson said. "He doesn't have in his head what Mark Bokermann has right now. We will get Shawn on the field, but he is still limited. I'm talking about the first game. He'll play some, but Mark is the starter and will get most of the snaps. Mark is doing well."

Tight end J. Strain went through the full workout without problems, taking all the full contact in stride.

"This was good today," Strain said. "I feel pretty good. No problems so far. This was my first day to do everything and I think I'm okay. All the contact felt good and I didn't have any trouble at all with the knee. I think I can play without any problems. I'm just trying to learn everything now. I've missed everything and it's catchup."

The Hogs will go in full pads again Sunday with practice at 3 p.m. There were no serious injuries. Kenny Sandlin had his foot stepped on, and missed a few plays, but is fine.



Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball (98) catches a pass from Danny Nutt in warmups Saturday.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith (8) loosens up Saturday morning.


Richie Butler (35) booms a punt Saturday.

Offensive Line

The offensive line works with medicine balls before practice Saturday.

Offensive Line

Sled work was front and center for the O-line Saturday morning.

Offensive Line

The first line ... with Mark Bokermann closest to you ... moves the sled.

Offensive Line

Line coach Mike Markuson demonstrates the technique he is looking for in this sled drill Saturday morning.

Offensive Line

The second line finishes a sled drill.

DeArrius Howard

DeArrius Howard (24) catches a pass in warmups.


Kyle Dickerson (16) loosens up Saturday morning.


The back of the south end zone Saturday morning.


Photos by Clay Henry

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