Hogs Attract Jordanian Walkon

Arkansas will welcome a 315-pound walkon defensive tackle to its football team this week ... a Jordanian native with no experience. Image included.

Arkansas will add Naim El-Far to its roster this week. He's a prospective walkon defensive tackle from Amman, Jordan.

El-Far, a rock-hard 6-1, 315 pounds, will be a senior with one season of eligibility. A former member of Jordan's national weight lighting squad, El-Far bench presses 440 pounds.

He's been a student at the UA for the last four years after leaving his homeland of Jordan at age 17. He didn't graduate from high school, but was admitted after scoring a 1380 on the SAT. That probably makes him the smartest UA football player.

Louis Campbell, who introduced El-Far to a few writers tonight, said the Jordanian native had come to the UA coaches last spring about coming out for football in the fall.

"He's been asking us, and we checked into it this summer to see if he had eligibility remaining," Campbell said. "He's okay with the NCAA for this season. He wants to play defensive tackle."

El-Far said he's been watching football for several years and is fascinated with the sport.

"I love it," he said. "I've played nothing like it, but I will give it a try. I want to play defensive tackle. I have fallen in love with this game. I'm a power lifter by trade and I think I can play this game. I've been doing some cardio vascular work and lifting in the HPER Building this summer with some of the players. I'm looking forward to practice."

Campbell said El-Far would join the team this week when all paperwork has been completed.


Louis Campbell (left) shows Naim El-Far around the stadium Monday night.

Photos by Tom Ewart.

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