Tuesday Grid Update, 11/11

It's going to be cold Saturday night against LSU, so the Hogs braved the elements Tuesday afternoon in chilly conditions in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

The chill hit in the Ozarks on Tuesday, but that didn't send the Arkansas football team to a warm indoor practice facility. The Razorbacks spent the afternoon getting accustomed to cold conditions with a full workout in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

As temperatures worked their way towards the freezing mark, the Hogs didn't seem to care -- even some from Louisiana.

"I haven't played in anything this cold," said Jared Cornelius, a freshman wideout from Shreveport, La. "Coach told us it was about 80 today in Baton Rouge. So I doubt those guys (from LSU) have been in anything like what we are going to have. We'll be ready for it."

Tight ends coach Barry Lunney recalls playing against LSU in the snow in Reynolds Razorback Stadium in 1992, a 30-6 Arkansas victory.

"That was a cold, cold day," Lunney said. "Neither team was really great but we played pretty well."

How did the Hogs handle Tuesday's frigid conditions with the wind howling through the stadium?

"Guys were out there without sleeves on," Lunney said. "I'm sure they were cold at first, but once you get the blood flowing, you end up breaking a sweat. Our guys did that today."

Offensive line coach Sam Pittman decided to pack on the layers, knowing he wasn't going to break a sweat.

"I got three," Pittman said when asked about the number of layers of his clothing. "I was fine. I think the guys did fine, too. We had a very good practice."

Lunney recalls another cold day in his days as a player.

"I think we played in the snow against Southwestern Louisiana," he said. "They had Brandon Stokley. My linemen talked me into going sleeveless. It was a horrible decision. I couldn't wait until we went back in at halftime and I could get something warm on underneath."

Quarterback Brandon Allen thinks the Hogs will benefit from practicing outside all week in preparation for what is predicted to be sub-freezing conditions after the 7 p.m. start. There are forecasts for a "light wintry mix."

"It was a good cold weather day today," Allen said. "We'll be ready for Saturday night."

Cornelius said, "Some snow, that would add to everything Saturday night."

Cornelius looks forward to playing LSU, where his father played. He looked forward to going to LSU and had an offer, but wanted things didn't work out with the Bayou Bengals with good friend Santos Ramirez. Ramirez got an offer at an LSU camp, but that offer was pulled a couple of weeks later.

"We were going to go together to college," he said. "But it was a bad deal for him there. Me and Santos were coming here together."

Cornelius has a lot of LSU connections from his high school days in Louisiana.

"I played with and against a lot of their players and I went to a lot of camps with them growing up," Cornelius said. "(Jermauria Rosco) played at my high school. I was a freshman when he was a senior and he pushed me around a lot."

Cornelius knows the LSU corners will try to push the UA receivers around at the line of scrimmage.

"They play press a lot," Cornelius said. "They have experience and ability. They have good DBs."

Allen said, "They are physical at the line and they do a great job in coverage. We'll have to run good routes and have great timing against their secondary."

Pittman doesn't want to face many third and longs against a talented set of LSU defensive ends, including Rasco.

"They have a good set," Pittman said. "They have good athletic defensive ends. Georgia had one like them and it didn't go well for us in that game. We've got to do a better job in protection."

Pittman sees growth in his offensive line, especially in pass protection. But he is not pleased with the way the run blocking has gone in SEC play.

"We ran it against Texas A&M and I think we could have run it against Georgia, but we were behind," he said. "We've got to do a better job of getting four and five yards. And, we are missing that explosive run. You get that long one, it takes you from 130 to 210 real quick. We need some of those. We've worked hard on that aspect of our play the last two weeks."

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