Tuesday Practice Report, 8/28

Arkansas worked without pads Tuesday to wrap up preparations before a Thursday night season opener with UNLV. There were no injuries. Photos included.

The Hogs wrapped up their last full-speed practice Tuesday in prepration for Thursday night's nationally televised rematch with Nevada-Las Vegas.

The Hogs went to their practice field to put in a crisp, one-hour workout in shorts and helmets that was heavy with kicking game and special team drills. They also went through their game plan for the UNLV game in Little Rock.

The grass practice field, yellow because of the extreme heat early on Monday, snapped back after heavy watering throughout the day and night. It had returned to its emerald green. The grass was resprigged early in the summer and has just begun to establish solid root growth. The Hogs worked in the stadium under the lights Monday night to give the practice field a rest.

It appears the Hogs will be extremely healthy for the UNLV game. Robby Hampton, Radale Pearson and Harold Harris are the only returning players not expected to play and they have been injured all fall.

Sacha Lancaster continues to practice in solid fashion after a suffering an ankle sprain Thursday night. He appeared quick and strong Tuesday afternoon.

The Hogs had their white Razorbacks on their helmets for the first time this fall. The new logo is almost identical to the old logo and looked sharp.

The only Hogs to wear shoulder pads Tuesday were punt returners Lawrence Richardson and Marvin Jackson. Coaches wanted them in pads to simulate game conditions as they caught punts.

The star of Tuesday's workout had to be punter Richie Butler who boomed towering spirals in a long specialty period. A returning All-SEC second team punter, Butler has been a highlight throughout fall camp and appears poised for a great junior season.

"We had a good mental day and our focus was good," Houston Nutt said. "We've had a good fall camp. Zak Clark has been perfect the last five days. David Lee, our quartrerback coach, has gotten him ready to play. We want Zak to just be Zak and he'll be fine. We have a good cast around him. We will be fine with Zak."

The Hogs will head to Little Rock on Wednesday before the evening date on ESPN at 6:38 p.m. Thursday.

There were no injuries on Tuesday.


The running Hog looks good on the helmet. The players got the logo added to their helmet on Tuesday.

R Smith

Richard Smith (8) works in practice Tuesday.


Jermaine Petty (40) will likely start at middle linebacker.


The offensive line worked with the medicine ball on Tuesday. It's part of their daily warmup with Coach Mike Markuson.


Work continues on the south end zone.


The "I" in Stadium goes up on the back of the SEZ.


Richie Butler (center) put on a show Tuesday.




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