Korita Proves To Be Deadly From Deep

Pulaski Academy junior guard Lawson Korita (6-4, 180) showed on Saturday why Arkansas is interested in him as he nailed 8-of-9 3-pointers and had a game-high 31 points to lead the Bruins over Little Rock Christian 63-40 at the Holiday Hoops Invitational in North Little Rock.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK - Pulaski Academy junior guard Lawson Korita staked his claim again as the state’s best shooter with a sizzling effort on Saturday afternoon.

Korita (6-4, 180) was 8-of-9 from beyond 3-point range and had a game-high 31 points to lead the Bruins to a 66-40 win over Little Rock Christian in the Holiday Hoops Invitational.

“I have always shot like that,” Korita said. “I just came out tonight, tried my hardest to do the best that I could do.

“They just weren’t putting a hand in my face and if you don’t put a hand in my face I am just going to shoot it,” Korita added.

Arkansas, Memphis, Creighton, Wake Forest, Southern Miss and Wichita State are among the teams showing interest in the Arkansas Wings’ AAU teammate of Bentonville junior star Malik Monk.

Korita says the Razorbacks have been recruiting him the hardest.

“They (the Razorbacks) really like me and they just want me to come down to a lot of football games and basketball games,” Korita said.

“I love the staff and I love the program, I love Coach Anderson and they are doing really well so far,” Korita added. “I like watching them.”

There is an added element to this Arkansas team with former Pulaski Academy star Dusty Hannahs redshirting at Arkansas this season after transferring from Texas Tech.

“It’s exciting and I like it,” Korita said. “I like him being back here and we get to work out sometime.”

There are certainly many reasons for the interest in Korita according to Pulaski Academy head coach Roger Franks.

“He has got very good range and I think that is what surprises some people,” Franks said. “People aren’t in the habit of picking up quite that early. If you let him catch in rhythm, it is a pretty good bet.”

“He sets his man up well and uses his screens well,” Franks said. “I think that is a big key when you are a player like that. If you don’t move well without the ball, the people aren’t going to let you have it.”

“Number one is that he is a terrific person and I think that is the main thing,” Franks said. “College coaches are looking for kids with character, not characters.”

“…They love how he has the capabilities to take over a game and the great thing is that he has got teammates that set the screens and create space and do those kinds of things,” Franks said. “Those are probably the main things the college coaches really like about him.”

Franks is a big fan of Arkansas’ recruitment of Korita.

“They really like him for the reasons we talked about and they do a really good job recruiting,” Franks said. “I really appreciate Coach Anderson and Coach Watkins and their staff and the questions they ask because they are interested in more than just basketball.

“They are interested in the person he is and I think that is really important and that really makes you feel good as a high school coach - concern not just why he is here, but where he goes and going to a program where men feel best about the right things,” Franks added.

Korita knows he still needs some development of his game.

“Even thought I hit 8-of-9 threes, I still have got to watch on my threes and my defense,” Korita said. “I have go get my team together so we can win a state championship.”

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