The Case Of The Flying Shoe

Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson and North Carolina's Roy Williams addressed a variety of topics at Friday's NCAA Tournament - including the shoe thrown out on the court by Jacorey Williams on Thursday night.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A day later, the Case of the Flying Shoe was addressed.

Arkansas senior Rashad Madden lost his shoe and kicked it off the court during the first half of Thursday night’s 56-53 win.

Razorback junior forward Jacorey Williams inexplicably decided to chunk it back out on the floor to him after the players had all move to the front court.

After a review by the officials, Arkansas (27-8) -who plays North Carolina (25-11) here Saturday night at 7:40 p.m. CST for a berth in the Sweet 16 - was given a delay of game warning.

“I don’t know how Ky (Madden) got the shoe off the floor,” Anderson said Friday during his press conference. “But I’m standing there and I heard something and I just see something go by me, like here’s your shoe.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Anderson added. “I mean my question for him (Williams) was ‘you threw it to him, but what in the Hell was he going to do with it? Was he going to stop to put it on?’

“I’ve witnessed some things, but I have never witnessed that,” Anderson continued. “But you know what, it’s something that I can talk about now. It’s a teaching point.

“…I think I need to tell my players you can’t throw things out on the floor,” Anderson said. “People can get hurt. It whizzed right by me. It was quite interesting.”

It was the second lost shoe of the first half for Arkansas as reserve center Moses Kingsley played a possession on offense without his.

Moses Kingsley gets his shoe back.

• • • 

Arkansas and North Carolina have met four times in the NCAA Tournament with the two teams splitting the contest.

The Razorbacks are 3-4 overall against the Tar Heels with the most celebrated game for Arkansas being its 65-64 win over No. 1 North Carolina in Pine Bluff on Feb. 12, 1984.

Former Newport standout Charles Balentine hit a baseline shot to lift the Razorbacks over a team that had a young Michael Jordan on it.

Anderson lost to North Carolina as a Tulsa player in 1981, but beat the Tar Heels as a volunteer assistant for the Golden Hurricane in 1982.

He is 2-1 against North Carolina as an Arkansas assistant with wins in 1990 and 1995 and a loss in 1993.

Charles Balentine hits hit game-winning shot in 1994 as Michael Jordan looks on.

• • •

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams, whose team ousted Arkansas 108-77 in 2008 in the Razorbacks’ last appearance in the NCAA Tournament, has been a frequent visitor to Northwest Arkansas.

“One of my greatest friends in coaching for a long time was Nolan Richardson,” Williams said. “I’ve known Michael (Anderson) forever. I used to go to Arkansas and play in their college coaches’ golf tournament (at Pinnacle).”

Williams and Anderson and their wives have traveled together.

“Mike’s best characteristic is his wife,” Williams said of Marcheita Anderson. “She’s really helped him out a heck of a lot. We have had some fun together on some trips.

“I tried to teach her how to shoot craps one night and she won some money so she thinks I am a pretty good guy,” Williams added.

Williams and Anderson both learned at the feet of two of the greats - North Carolina’s Dean Smith and Arkansas’ Nolan Richardson.

“Michael was with Nolan forever,” Williams said. “I think he coaches like Nolan with the foundation and the belief, but he coaches like Mike Anderson coaches.

“I coach like Coach Smith with the foundation and belief, but I’m different and I think Michael is different,” Williams added.

“I think he’s done a great job every step that he has been,” Williams continued. “…And he’s just one of the good guys in the coaching profession that I’ve really enjoyed and he has gone to some places and really done a good job rebuilding them.”

Anderson agreed that he is lucky when it comes to his wife.

“I am a recruiter, I can recruit my butt off,” Anderson said. “I’m very fortunate, very blessed to have a wife of over 30 years and we have a beautiful family.

“She’s kind of puts the air under my wings and I can fly a little bit,” Anderson added. “She’s a good one. I guess I am a good keeper, too.”

Marcheita and Mike Anderson

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