Lunney Loves Leading Arkansas' In-State Charge

Arkansas tight ends coach Barry Lunney, Jr., who is in charge of in-state recruiting for the Razorbacks, talks about the respect he has for the high school coaches in Arkansas and how excited he is to see prospects in summer football camps starting on Saturday.

BELLA VISTA - You can put one foot in every high school in Arkansas or you can come stay awhile.

That is the philosophy espoused by Arkansas assistant coach Barry Lunney, Jr., who recruits the state for the Razorbacks.

“I did try to get as many places as I could,” Lunney said. “I could have got to more places if I would have just stopped in 15 minutes and just said ‘hey, good to see you, call me if you need me.’

“But I generally enjoy getting in there and there are some fantastic men that coach football in the state of Arkansas that love the game and love mentoring kids and I love going into those programs whether they have somebody or not to learn more about the culture, the program and the school.

“It is important for us to be connected close enough to those guys to know about guys coming up. I also love asking guys, ‘who is the best player you played against this season?’ You can learn about a guy that way.”

Lunney’s dad – Barry Lunney, Sr., - has retired after a successful coaching career that ended by leading Bentonville to a Class 7A state championship.

“I am hoping that my baby-sitting bill gets cut down a lot with him coming around,” the younger Lunney noted.

Lunney is excited about Arkansas getting into its camps season – beginning with a one-day camp on Saturday.

“I think those camps are super valuable, not only for us, but for the prospects,” Lunney said. “Sure they are going to get some instruction and some things that might help them, but just for exposure it’s great.

“Even if the Arkansas Razorback don’t pull the trigger on a kid that comes to a prospect camp or whatever, if they do well they can really help themselves. We all know guys who say ‘are there some guys on the borderline for y’all that we might recruit?’

“Camp season is a big season. There are going to be guys that we are interested in that have proven to be really good players that we are still trying to see how they fit into exactly what we are looking for.”

Arkansas has six commits in its 2016 class to this point and is likely to have a class that only has 18-22 in it.

“People forget is each year is different for us in recruiting – one year we may have a class of 25 guys and we might say we are going to take five offensive linemen,” Lunney said.

“The next year we may be able to sign only 18 or 20 and we only need two offensive linemen. A guy might have fit the year before, but it depends on what cycle the kid is in.”

Barry Lunney, Jr.

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