Arkansas Visit Impresses Edwards

Arkansas got its chance to impress Lake Minneola, Fla., safety Deon Edwards (6-1, 190) this weekend and apparently did a good job in its quest.

He may not be close to making a decision, but Lake Minneola, Fla., safety Deon Edwards left Arkansas Saturday with the Razorbacks having made a lasting impression.

?Edwards (6-1, 190), who has some 13 offers, visited the Razorbacks the last two days and it was the passion of the fans that hit him the hardest.

“The fans,” Edwards said. “Everywhere you go you see an Arkansas Razorback shirt. It’s like that’s the only thing they have in their closet.

“The coaching staff, they’re amazing. Coach Smith, the head coach, all of them. I met the players and they are very nice. I get along with them real nice. I feel like I fit in. I know it is far from home, but if I come here, it will feel like home.

“I felt no different. I don’t even want to go home. So that feels good.”

Edwards, who has a top five that includes Arkansas, Notre Dame, Louisville, South Carolina and Missouri, is certain about what he wants from a college.

“The thing I want in a college is to make sure I can get my education,” Edwards said. “I don’t mind being far from home because I know that I love the game of football so I will go anywhere to get to where I need to get.

“I want to play, but I am going to work for that and that is pretty much it.”

McKinley Rowe, Lake Minneola’s defensive coordinator, made the trip with him.

“Deon is a hard worker,” Rowe said. “A no-nonsense kid. He does everything that you ask of him 100 percent. He is very coachable. He is willing to be coached and everything he does, he does at 100 percent, full speed.

“He wants to get better. He wants to be great. A lot of those kids talk about it, but Deon lives it. He’s a vegetarian. Everything he does as far as his body is to take care of it. He is very, very focused on his future.”

Arkansas’ mantra of Uncommon Man is something he can visualize.

“The team is awesome,” Edwards said. “They are a family and most teams can’t say they are a family, but this seems actually a family. I love that about Arkansas.”

He has been to Arkansas, Missouri and Florida for unofficial visits recently.

“I plan on taking a couple of more visits, but Arkansas has really caught my attention,” Edwards said.

He wasn’t ready to offer up a leader or comparisons.

“I really wouldn’t want to say that right now, but Arkansas is a great school,” Edwards said.

Edwards made it clear his goals are team-oriented and not individually-oriented.

“My goal for this year is to make my team get better,” Edwards said. “I want to make a name for my team before I leave. I love my team like no other. I love all those boys. That’s my goal, to help them out, to help my other players that are here to get better. I acknowledge that and I do it for them.”

He has a close connection with Arkansas defensive coordinator Robb Smith.

“He acts like I am family already and I am not even here yet so that caught my attention and that lets me know that if something goes wrong, I can go to Coach Smith,” Edwards said. “That shows me that I can depend on him when I have nobody else to depend on so that helps me develop a relationship.”

He will take some other visits before making a decision.

“The other schools that I am looking to visit are Notre Dame, South Carolina, Louisville, Mizzou again, I am going to come back to Arkansas,” Edwards said. “I don’t really know the others schools yet, but I know there are going to be more.”

He does not have a timetable when that decision will come, but could see it happening in the fall after all his summer visits.

“No, I have to go over that with my defensive coordinator, head coach, my brother - those people,” Edwards said. “Then we will all decide. That is what I am going to do.”

Deon Edwards

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