McCann Hopes Arkansas Offer Comes Along

Texarkana defensive lineman Nicholas McCann (6-3, 290) has seen several offers come his way since the spring arrived and came to Arkansas' camp on Saturday hoping to improve his chances in earning one from the Razorbacks.

One of the more imposing prospects on hand at Saturday’s Arkansas Camp is already a Razorback – a Texarkana one that is.

Defensive tackle Nicholas McCann (6-3, 290) would love the opportunity to call himself one in college at Arkansas as well.

He put forth his best effort this weekend under the watchful eyes of Razorback defensive line coach Rory Segrest, who he said “seems to be real cool.”.

“The one on ones went good,” McCann said. “There are still some things I have to work on, keep my pad level low still and a couple of moves I learned. .

“…What they call forklift and steering, where you take your hands and do what you want with them instead of them getting their hands on you.”

McCann was born in Arkansas, he and his family moved to Virginia as a baby and then back to Arkansas seven years ago.

He certainly has the talent to get a Razorback offer and is working on getting his act together off the field to appease the Arkansas coaches.

“I told them that I academically I am good, but I told them that I have to get my ACT up to 18 or 19,” McCann said. “They said that is all they are waiting on now since I got my academics.”

McCann, whose grandfather attended Arkansas and is a huge Razorback fan, bench presses 335-pound and squats 525.

“He just tells me to keep on my grades, do my best on my ACT and just keep doing good,” McCann said.

McCann, a true under-the-radar prospect, has had a big spring with offers coming in from Baylor, Tulsa, Kansas, Texas Tech, SMU, ULM and Stephen F. Austin and he also believes he has one from Oklahoma State.

Coaches from Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arizona State and Ohio State dropped by his school to check him out this past spring.

“This spring I was really surprised,” McCann said. “I met this one man and he helped get my name out there to one college and then they called me and offered. Then colleges kept on finding out.

“I was really surprised when Baylor found out and they offered. They offered me before I even went to their camp.”

McCann, whose team opens its 2015 season with Texas High on September 4, has a few more camp stops this summer planned.

“I gotta go to OU (Oklahoma) next Wednesday and there is a possibility that I might go to Ole Miss on July 18th,” McCann said. “On July 25th, I’ve got to go to Auburn.”

He summed up his strengths and weaknesses.

“I think most of my strength is like getting off the ball really fast, McCann said. “I can beat offensive linemen off pretty fast.

“I need to work on controlling offensive linemen instead of letting them get their hands on me. I have to get my hands in their chest first. That’s it right now.”

Nicholas McCann

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