Fulmer: Expect Emotional Setting in Fayetteville

"I fully expect a truly emotional setting when we get to Fayetteville. As it is in the Southeastern Conference, anywhere Tennessee goes, we can expect them to really be cranked up.

"We are obviously pleased with the win over Syracuse. It was really good to get back onto the practice field yesterday, with a game under our belts, with something to work towards to and improve. Our kids are anxious to play and go to Arkansas. I think we had a very good start on Arkansas. We really do realize the challenge that we have ahead of us. Arkansas played a really outstanding UNLV football team. As you watch them play, and watch their running backs, Cedric Cobbs is one of the most impressive running backs that have been in this league in a long, long time. He is backed up by two really good players in Talley and Holmes. They have a big and physical offensive line. They have done a good job of scheming and having ways to get the ball to those folks. They are a real challenge for our defensive football team.
"Defensively, it is well documented they are a very multiple defensive football team that flies around and makes plays, and stunts, blitzes and movement. And anybody that they play they give a world of problems.
"They are very solid in the kicking game. Their kicker and punter have both played with them. They do a good job with their protection and cover schemes. They are just a real solid football team all the way around.
"From our standpoint, we will have to break it down to the simplest of forms on both offense and defense. We need to do a great job and finishing blocking and finishing our blocks with some consistency. Certainly the same thing applies to our protections and getting it done on defense.
"We need to get off blocks and fly to the football in pursuit to give us some help in tackling those really good running backs. Their linemen do a really good job of locking up and staying up on you and running you out of your gaps. That is something we will work really hard on in the next couple of days.
"I hate that we lost our best wide receiver for a minimum of six weeks in Donte' Stallworth. But it certainly is an opportunity for somebody else to step up at that position. It's also for the other folks on our football team, but particularly our offensive football team, to step up and play at even a better level to overcome a loss like that.
"We have to do a much better job with our wide receiver substitution, period. Kelley Washington will certainly be one of the guys you look to. Eric Parker and Bobby Graham will be the actual starters. But a young man that I have great confidence in is Leonard Scott. He gives us a factor that just everybody doesn't have in that he is one of the fastest guys in the country.
"It will be interesting when he is matched up with their track guy at cornerback to watch that battle. Tony Brown is a young man that has done a good job for us, but was slowed a little bit during two-a-days with a hamstring . But I would expect that he will help us more than he has. We are going to play Montrell Jones. Montrell is close to being ready to play. Even as a true freshman, he has shown maturity and the ability to catch the ball and be an aggressive blocker. It will be interesting to watch how that develops with Donte' being out.
"The maturity of our football team will show through, I think, as to how well we prepare, travel and manage ourselves on the trip and then, obviously, how we play the game. It should be one heck of a Southeastern Conference football game. I know that our team will be ready and I certainly expect that theirs will be ready. It should be really exciting."
Comments from Tennessee Head Coach Phil Filmer

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