Wednesday Practice Report, 9/5

Arkansas concentrated on mental assignments as it went through a 90-minute practice in shoulder pads and helmets Wednesday afternoon. Images included in this report.

Arkansas' coaching staff continued to groom Sacha Lancaster to play fullback as game week preparations for the Tennessee football game took on a polish mode Wednesday.

The Hogs practiced in helmets and shoulder pads, but did not wear full pads in their game pants, instead opting for shorts.

Lancaster seemed to work mostly at fullback. His ankle sprain, a bit of a bother in the opener, did not seem to be a problem in Wednesday's brisk workout.

Arkansas does not have any major injuries, although it would seem that J. Strain will not play. He watched from the sideline after reinjuring his ankle earlier in the week.

Richie Butler punted during the special teams period. He's been slowed a bit with some sort of a leg strain earlier in the week. He will be fine for the game.

Houston Nutt talked about the pressure of Tennessee's defense. Nutt said, "They have great athletes everywhere you look. That doesn't ever change with Tennessee. A lot of people talk about John Henderson's injury. He'll be fine for us. But, they have other great players, too. Will Overstreet is a great one. He always stands out to me."

Arkansas officials announced plans to have the revamped Reynolds Razorback Stadium open to the public between noon and 5 p.m. Friday. Game time for the Tennessee game is at 8 p.m. Saturday.

All student tickets are sold out. Only a few club seats in the south end zone remain.

The scoreboards were added in the south end zone Tuesday. Also, a wire was strung between the two upper decks behind the south end zone where a net will be raised before kicking situations in that end of the field. Presumably, there won't be any footballs go into the stands.

Houston Nutt said the Hogs would work on kicking game assignments in a brief Thursday practice. He reminded the team of the mistakes in the kicking game that cost the Hogs so dearly last year in a 63-20 loss at Tennessee.


Scorebords were attached to the SEZ facade Wednesday.


The scoreboard gets some testing.


The press box was getting some final touchups Wednesday.


Wally Hall (left) and Otis Kirk visit during practice.


James Shibest works with Decori Birmingham on a kicking game assignment.


Jordanian walkon Naim El-Farr dressed out for the second straight day.


There will be a net in the south end zone to catch kicks.


Bobby Allen  works with the defensive line Wednesday.

Photos by Clay Henry


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