Dan Enos: Reed Can Help

There was a quick answer when Dan Enos was asked if Dominique Reed can provide immediate help. The new Arkansas play caller said, "Oh yeah."

How quickly can Dominque Reed help the Arkansas offense? That was part of the questions Dan Enos fielded Tuesday on Bo Mattingly's radio show, Sports Talk with Bo. Can the juco transfer wide receiver help this year?

"Oh, yeah," said Enos, the new Arkansas offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. "He's played college football. He's lived on his own.

"Sure that was just in junior college and it's a little different (in the SEC). But he has physical ability to help (this year). We have to develop him."

That ability to help might change as the season progresses, just because of the play list that might grow.

"In week one, he might can handle 15 plays," Enos said. "But later in the season, maybe he has 50 plays."

Obviously, Reed's speed helps the Razorbacks ability to make big plays. He's run 40s in the low 4.3s and has a long frame. It's those big plays -- called chunks by Enos -- that is one of the focuses for Bret Bielema's new playcaller.

"There are two ways you make chunk plays," Enos said. "One of them is because you a back makes a guy miss and goes 25.

"You can try to make a play call that helps you, but some of the chunk plays are just normal plays where you block someone. But, yes, there are concepts in our offense to create chunk plays. You have to let the defense know you are going to do that.

"Our goal to play winning football is to have 10 chunk plays. Some of that is scheme, but some of it is just a great route by a receiver and he goes over someone to make a catch.

"Coach B wants us to expand the passing game. We've done that with screens and some run tags. We also want to spread the defense across the field to create some space.

"But what I like about Coach B, he is a football coach. That's the ultimate compliment. He's going to work on fundamentals, technique and always focus on getting better with blocking and tackling."

Enos was asked about the continued development of quarterback Brandon Allen. Can he become a 3,000-yard passer?

"Brandon continues to work hard and he's still hungry," Enos said. "One of the things that is beneficial for a quarterback is that we continue to get better around him. That's under rated in quarterback play. If you are lacking in special teams, the run game, that hinders the quarterbacks performance.

"I think we continue to add pieces around Brandon. Coach (Sam) Pittman has done a tremendous job with the offensive line. We have good pieces around him.

"Can he throw for 3,000? Definitely, if that's what it takes for this offense, he could do that.

"He's very accurate. I knew he was accurate when I watched him on tape before I got here, but I was really impressed in person. We were watched tape with him today of the spring. I was impressed with his ability to make plays from awkward positions, guys in his face. 3,000? Yes, he projects to that. A lot of that depends on the flow of the game, what our backs are doing."

One of the big issues for the team is development of the backup quarterback. Is it a big key?

"Absolutely," Enos said. "I want to be able to sleep at night. To me, it's an overall anxiety thing. You have to have two. We want to have three in a perfect world.

"We have Austin Allen and Rafe Peavy and both had great summers. Ty Storey is also starting to develop. We want to continue with that and keep bringing in a good one every year. Not having a number two quarterback has broken a lot of teams."

The development of the young quarterbacks is just part of the picture. Enos is excited to see where other young players have progressed since spring when the Hogs open practice on Aug. 6.

"The development of our young players since the spring is one of the areas we are really excited about for the start of practice, see where they are," he said. "I want to see those young offensive linemen, guys like Brian Wallace, Jalen Merrick, Josh Allen and Zach Rogers.

"Some of that is physical stature, but a lot of it is conceptual as far as knowledge of the offense.

"I want to see those young receivers. We made great strides in the spring. Keon Hatcher had a great spring and we saw good things from Drew Morgan, Cody Hollister, Duwop Mitchell and Jared Cornelius did good things. We want to see the young ones like Dominique Reed, La'Michael Pettway and Deon Stewart. We want to see which of those young ones can help us."

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