Shittu Still On the Rise

Arkansas had the chance to have Rogers Providence Christian Academy forward SK Shittu (6-9, 195) in its Elite Basketball Camp for the second straight year on Saturday, but he came back this year with a trio of offers already on the table.

Rogers Providence Christian Academy junior forward and Nigeria native SK Shittu has experienced a meteoric rise since his appearance at Arkansas’ Elite Camp last summer.

Shittu (6-9, 195) returned to that same event on Saturday with several offers in tow and the likelihood of many others being put on the table soon.

LSU, Oklahoma, Tulsa and Cornell are among his current offers with the Razorbacks and many other programs showing interest.

“I just so much appreciate it,” Shittu said. “For college coaches to see a little bit of potential in me offer me and think I can be good, I just feel so privileged.

“I really don’t think about recruiting that much because of still have two more years of high school so I am just working hard on getting better.”

He is getting constant attention from the Razorback head coach Mike Anderson and assistant Melvin Watkins.

“They have really been keeping in touch with me and I really appreciate that,” Shittu said. “I am looking forward to when they offer me and I will really, really appreciate it.

“I really like all their coaches and Coach Watkins and Coach Anderson and I talk all the time. They check on me and make sure I am doing good.”

Shittu is a pleasant young man who is still learning everything about America and points out that he doesn't understand why square pizzas come in round boxes.

He puts syrup on about everything he eats.

“I am really, really used to the food in the United States now,” Shittu said. “I still miss my home food from Nigeria, but I love the food right here.”

He also doesn’t really understand the need for a cell phone, which are seemingly attached 24/7 to most kids his age.

“I don’t have a phone and don’t think I need one,” Shittu said. “When I call Nigeria, I can just Skype with my family.”

He recently took his first trip to Las Vegas with his Arkansas Hawks AAU team.

“That was kind of cool, except the gambling and stuff,” Shittu said.

He feels like Providence Christian has a chance to be really good this season.

“I feel great about our team this season because we have two seniors and we just lost one of our starting five players,” Shittu said. “We are going to be pretty good and we are going to be able to beat a lot of teams that we couldn’t beat last year.”

He lives with his head coach and guardian Austin Bivens.

“He is really, really nice,” Shittu said. “He is like my American dad right now. I live with him and he takes care of me. He is a really good person to be around.”

SK Shittu

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