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When we started Hawgs Illustrated in the mid-1990s, we wanted to create the ultimate Arkansas Razorbacks team site. We still do.

When we started Hawgs Illustrated back in 1992 then came on-line in the mid-1990s we had a simple goal: To create the ultimate site for Arkansas Razorbacks fans. Our total focus is on the Razorbacks and we now make our living serving you, the world’s greatest college football fans.

But we want to do more. A lot more. With your support, we can provide you with more great Hogs articles and forum posts, more inside scoop, more videos, more everything. Just this last year, thanks to your support, we've created a site that works on mobile browsers, developed a soon-to-be-released iPhone app, began adding video, and more recruiting with Dudley Dawson and Andrew Hutchinson.

Remember, as part of your annual subscription of $99.95, you get our print magazine, Hawgs Illustrated, as a free add on. There are 20 issues, including weekly during football season along with our Football Preview in June, Basketball Preview in November, Baseball Preview in January and our Recruiting Wrap-up in March. All of these are double issues and included in your Scout subscription. There are columns from Clay Henry, Harry King, Dudley Dawson, Matt Jones and Bo Mattingly in every issue. On-line, we have video interviews with players and coaches after practice on-line. You can read Clay's State of the Hogs and his "Top 10 Keys to Victory" each week.

As part of Scout, we’ve put together what we think is an awesome membership package for those who want to support us: Ticketmonster discounts, great premium forums, fantasy advice from the world’s best players, new daily headline videos and more. We’ll be explaining all this in detail in the days ahead.

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