Bielema Feels Comfort With Coordinators

With the addition of offensive coordinator Dan Enos to defensive coordinator Robb Smith, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema feels like both sides of the ball are in great hands.

As a head coach, you want to know that you have two coordinators that can take care of business on their side of the ball so you can concentrate on the overall program.

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema feels like he has just in second-year defensive coordinator Robb Smith and first-year offensive coordinator Dan Enos.

Smith had a top 10 defense last season after stints at Rutgers and in the NFL while Enos left the head coaching post at Central Michigan after last season to come to the Razorbacks.

“It's been amazing,” Bielema said Saturday of his relationship with Enos while meeting with the media. “I've had a lot of transition in my career as a head coach, and I think the fact this is my first offensive coordinator I've worked with that's been a head coach. (Former OC Jim) Chaney used to brag on his 1-0 record at Tennessee when he was the active head coach when Coach (Derek) Dooley got let go.

“Dan's been through the fire. I popped into a meeting today just to make a little announcement and I always ask about coordinators to go through the script play by play by play. It's kind of a tedious task, but you catch things not only on the script, but you might catch our Hoganese where we want to say something collectively the same.

“And he was in there … I mean, he grinds 'em out now. Our offensive coaches call him the camel. They say he doesn't have to take a pee break for two hours. But he's a very tedious guy that shows up on the practice field. We don't have script errors or wasted plays because of just scripting.”

Bielema noted that Enos - like Smith and himself - is very detailed-oriented.

“To me, that's a great statement on what kind of detail he does. … I did a thing the other night, I had our two coordinators … I had all the guys talk about a very basic topic in our program, but they can expand it any way they want.

“Dan Enos talked about basically the meeting rooms, the film room, how to watch film. And when I was watching our kids — I sit at the front of the room, so I'm the only one that has the vantage point along with the speaker — he made some very valid points, and I know only a head coach thinks that way.

“ And then right before him, Robb Smith talked about play books and game-planning and the responsibility that we have to take those things … coming in and watching the film in detail.

“When those two guys were talking, they didn't crack one joke. Both of them have got a little sense of humor. They're both very aggressive A personality males. But neither one of them cracked a joke, and those kids were locked into them from start to finish.

“I took a moment after they got done talking just to express how fortunate our kids are to have two coordinators that as good at what they do as they are. And I think they don't even hesitate to think anything but that, so it's kind of fun.”

Robb Smith

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