Bielema Speaks To Little Rock Touchdown Club

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema spoke to a sold-out Little Rock Touchdown Club on Monday

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema was the featured speaker at the first Little Rock Touchdown Club held Monday.

Below are some tweets from things that he shared with the sold-out crowd:

On Brandon Allen being a fifth-year senior QB and leader:

"I’ve got a senior QB that has been through a lot. Why is he going be better…because he has a lot of really good players around him."

On having a better wide receiver group:

“We have good WR’s….I actually believe that when we throw it to them, they will actually catch it."

On the loss of senior tailback Jonathan Williams to injury:

 “If there is a team in college football that can take a hit at the RB position, it’s the Arkansas Razorbacks.

On freshman tailback Rawleigh Williams stepping up:

“Raleigh Williams has been one of the biggest surprises out of that recruiting class. He’s a very talented player."

On his defensive line:

“Our d-line may be our strongest asset on that side of the ball."

On the growth of freshman linebacker Dre Greenlaw:

“Dre Greenlaw has gone from about 212 to 232….he is a good looking player."

On the strength of his current coaching staff:

“This is the best group of coaches that I’ve had in a long time. Dan Enos is going to do great things for us"

On how the early weeks are building blocks for the season:

 “What we do in weeks 1,2, 3, & 4 will be huge for week 6 of the season! They are buying into that."

On how he found out early that Texas was a big rival of Arkansas:

“I knew the Texas game was a big deal b/c Coach Broyles called me about a half hour after it was announce."

On breaking the long SEC losing streak by taking down LSU:

“To see the faces of our players after that LSU win was magical. I just circled the stadium to see everyone’s excitement."

On putting his arm around an emotional Trey Flowers after the loss at Mississippi State:

"I literally had to physically console Trey Flowers after the MS State game….That’s when they started to see the vision."

On Dan Skipper’s tripping penalty that wiped out a touchdown against A&M:

“Last year we had a chance to win 1 more SEC game…We were up by 2 TD’s, should have been 3 but they made up a tripping rule."

On his vision for the program not taking hold early:

 “The hardest thing when I first came here was getting people to see my vision. People weren’t use to that."

On how his coaches essentially become parents of the new players in the program:

“One of the biggest things when a new athlete comes into our program is parental leadership. We have to show them our way."

On what NFL scouts are saying about his team:

 “Seeing scouts come to practice and talk about how good we look is encouraging! We finally look like an SEC team."

On his team’s conditioning:

 “Coming into this season, our team was in incredibly good shape..Our strength coach does a great job."

On how his friend and country music singer Justin Cole Moore was going to let him sing on stage if he wins an SEC Championship:

"Justin Cole Moore agreed to let me sing with him one night if I ever win an SEC Championship."

On Martrell Spaight being his first recruit from the Central Arkansas area that he came to visit:

 “My first trip to LR was to recruit a kid by the name of Martrell Spaight…Little Rock as been great to me."

On the leadership of the team:

 “These kids do things without us asking them to do it"

On how young some of the key players on the team are:

< “The one thing that I ask of you, remember these are still 18 &amp; 19 year old kids."

On the team’s increased grade point average:

 “We have a 2.9 team GPA which is a lot better than the 2.3 GPA when I took over."

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