WIlliams Looks To The Future

Arkansas senior tailback Jonathan Williams met with the media on Thursday for the first time since his season-ending injury.

As a man of faith, Arkansas senior tailback Jonathan Williams is sure there is a bright side to his season-ending injury, but he admits that it was tough for awhile.

"I want to start off by saying this has definitely been an unfortunate situation for not only me but my family and my teammates," Williams said. "But I'm a man of faith, so I know God has a plan for me. Tough times are just opportunities to showcase that you can bounce back from things.

 "As far as my plans after this, you know, if the rehab goes as planned, then I'm looking forward to coming back strong and better than ever and most likely going to the next level after this season. This season, it's not over though. I'm going to be on the sidelines. I'm going to be a good teammate.

  " I think I still have a big impact on this team without being on the football field and still be that encouraging factor on the sideline. I'm going to help this team out as best I as I can."

Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema noted that he wouldn't have thought anything differnt would have come out of Williams' mouth.

"Obviously you just heard from J. Will and I didn't want to be in here," Bielema said. " I didn't know what he was going to say. I knew how he was going to come across but I tend to gets a little emotional at these deals. I'm sure he carried himself in the right way. He has been absolutely unbelievable. That first 24 hours was really rough a lot of searching, but the thing that he has that a lot of us don't carry as well is his faith. He knows that will get him through any situation that he comes across.

"He is prepared for everything in life and I think he will stay on the path that he is and we will give him everything we can here.  We are working through the process on what we can do as far as home games, away games, travel … he has made it very clear to me he would like to stay involved as much as possible and of course we would as well. 

"However we can make it work by NCAA rules, we will.  It's just amazing that there are certain things that you can't get around in this world.  The NCAA gets pretty tight about the 70-man travel roster on the road as well as hotel stays and stuff like that.  So there are some things we are trying to work through and we will do our best."

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