Tennessee offense a bit different challenge for Arkansas

It's back to stopping the run for the Arkansas defense. The Tennessee offense is much more about the run than the last two teams the Razorbacks have faced.

There is still a mobile quarterback to contain, but the Tennessee offense is much different than what Arkansas has faced the past two weeks. And, for some of the Razorbacks, they may like it.

UT quarterback Josh Dobbs is a dangerous runner. He's also a capable passer and can also catch a pass, as was proven last week against Florida. But It's the running game in general that the Hogs know will be the challenge.

Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd, a 240-pound power runner, has gone over 100 yards in four of his last five games and Dobbs has some power moves up the middle, too.

UA defensive line coach Rory Segrest said the Vols have more running plays than anyone else in the SEC, by 40. So that's what defensive end Jeremiah Ledbetter knows must be addressed first.

"We want to pressure the quarterback every week," Ledbetter said. "But we better stop the run first, then penetrate in the backfield and go after the quarterback. We are used to a high tempo offense and we know about containing the quarterback. We just have to be relentless."

Safety Rohan Gaines has seen what Dobbs can do in the middle when the tight ends and tackles pull into the A gap for a quarterback run.

"I definitely have to play my responsibility when he scrambles and keep my eyes on the receivers," Gaines said. "But they have called quarterback runs in the middle, too. Those will require me to come into that area and react to him. The quarterback could land in my lap on those middle runs.

"Dobbs is going to get those called runs inside and he will make the reads to take the ball there. That's assignment football and that will be me at times."

Gaines thinks the Hogs did a lot of things right for 57 minutes against Texas A&M before falling 28-21 in overtime.

"That last few minutes, that was tough," Gaines said. "We had some young guys out there at the end and now we have to bounce back."

Secondary coach Clay Jennings did mention the long pass play in the closing minutes where two freshmen, Dre Greenlaw and Santos Ramirez, were exposed. It's clear that the Hogs would have preferred that the two traded responsibilities instead of a linebacker taking a track star at wide receiver.

"It's about all 11 becoming coaches on the field and understanding exactly what we want in the defense," Jennings said. "We did well for a period of time and then we have to finish the game. You earn everything and we didn't earn victory. We lined up right for about 57 minutes. We have to line up right for the entire game."

Jennings saw good things from Ramirez, the redshirt freshman expected to start at free safety again this week.

"He gives us a physical presence," Jennings said. "He brought some juice to our defense."

Gaines liked what he saw of his new running mate at safety.

"He's a very good player," Gaines said. "He did a good job of getting lined up for most of the game."

Now, it's time to close out a game.

"It's like Coach (Bret) Bielema said, it's time we are no longer a secret," Gaines said. "We have to win a game. But we know it won't be easy. We have seen what Tennessee can do. They play hard. They have good wide receivers that take pride in blocking and take pride in running precise routes."

But he likes the way this week's game will be played.

"They play my type of game, physical," Gaines said. "I think we have guys in our back end who like to be physical, too.

"We do know that they have a quarterback you must account for in a lot of different ways. He can throw from the pocket, he can extend plays and he can run the ball. And, last week, he made a great catch on a pass."

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