Arkansas' Bret Bielema Expounds More On Alabama Incident

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema, whose team has a bye week, was asked more about the incident at last week's Alabama game than an upcoming game with Auburn on Wednesday's SEC Teleconference.

As one might expect during a bye week, Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema got more questions on the SEC Teleconference about an incident last week at Alabama than his team’s next game with Auburn on Oct. 24.

One of the questions involved why there was a camera on the Arkansas sideline, one that was able to record an incident where Bielema, some of his players and Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson all were engaged.

“I know when I was first contacted by the league they weren’t so much about the incident, which obviously was something that got blown out of catastrophic proportion,” Bielema said. 

“Something they were really concerned about – and I am excited to hear for them to get back to us on exactly where that (camera) came from and the concern of being on out sideline and what else may be out there.”

Robinson was given a 15-yard personal foul penalty on the play. 

“I was probably about a yard on there and I explain yesterday and I don’t know if you caught it,” Bielema said, “that when I step on the field that I put my face to our players.

“There were two or three players that were going to become engaged with an Alabama player and so I stepped in and faced them because I knew they weren’t going to touch me.

“I was trying to diffuse the moment and the rest was what was reported. You always – as a coach or a player – you want to try and restrain your own players.

“The fact that you have a backside and a frontside is just part of the process. I faced my guys and the results are what happened.”

Alabama head coach Nick Saban said he is focusing on this Saturday's game at Texas A&M and not what happened last Saturday.

 "I have not seen the video," Saban said. "Cam said he thought his responsibility so I have not looked at the video.

...I don't know anything about the camera (on the field) you are talking about, I don't care, We have a game against Texas A&M this week."

Steve Shaw, the director of SEC officials, addressed the issue later on the SEC Teleconference and noted that the league had several views of the incident.

"I think that the play was officiated properly," Shaw said. "...We have at least  three angles and that's even if  TV doesn't have any replays. We have evaluated that play as we have all others with multiple angles."

Shaw was asked about the lateness of the flag.

"We want our guys to see it, know it and throw it," Shaw said. "I am not looking for a fast flag, I am looking for an accurate one."

Bielema noted that he will spend his Saturday watching recruits, not television.

“On Saturday, I will be at a couple of football games watching some future Hogs on their game field Saturday night,” Bielema said. “That’s where I will be six of the seven nights this week, we will be watching football game in the evening.”

Bielema noted what this bye week has been about for the Razorbacks (2-4, 1-2), whose loses have been to teams that are a combined 19-3 on the season.

“We are taking this week to regroup and get ourselves healthy,” Bielema said. “We have a couple of players back this week in practice that will fine tune and should be able to join us for Auburn – a running back (Kody Walker), possibility of a wide receiver (Jared Cornelius).

“Also more than anything, it is just a mental break for our guys. We’ve had six straight weeks, we take a bye week here and then we have six more left with five conference opponents – basically two at home, two on the road and then two back here at home.

“With a 2-4 football team and trying to get ourselves into postseason play, there is nothing more of a bigger challenge in front of us than Auburn, a team that will be coming in here next Saturday with an 11 o’clock kickoff.”

Bielema also passed along his thanks to former South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

“I also want to pass on my best to Coach Spurrier, someone who has obviously won a lot of football games, but done it the right way,” Bielema said. “He is just a tremendous human being with great character.

“For me as a young coach 10 years ago to be able to know him a little bit and be around him especially this last three years has been truly rewarding and I want to wish him the best as he moves forward." 

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