Arkansas OC Dan Enos Looking Forward to Second Half

Arkansas offensive coordinator Dan Enos feels like his offense in the second half of the regular season, which begins Saturday when the Razorbacks (2-4, 1-2) hosts Auburn (4-2, 1-2) with an 11 a.m. kickoff.

After a first half of the regular season where he thinks his offense left too many points on the field, Arkansas offensive coordiantor Dan Enos is looking forwad to a better second half in the hopes of driving toward postseason bowl

"I think we have done some good things, but I think we onbviously we have left some points out there and that's the most disappointing thing through six games," Enos said. "We've had some of those games where we have had 500 yards of offense, but we didn't gnereate the points that we would like in some of those critical areas like the red zone, just finishing drives the way we would have liked."

"That has been disappointing. I think our team has adjusted very well due to the fact of all the injuries that have occured with the wide recievers and the running backs. I think our coaches and our players have done a nice job of adjusting and trying to keep some cohesiveness and continuity while interjecting new players and allowing those new players to kind of feel their way and have their roles grow.

"There are some things we have done real well, some things we have to improve on and some we have to continue to work on."

That second half begins this Saturday when Arkansas (2-4. 1-2) hosts Auburn (4-2. 1-2) with kickoff set for 11 a.m.

"The first thing you notice is them up front number one," Enos said. "Their defensive tackle (Montravis Adams) is a disruptive guy and is very explosive. He has a really good motor, good size and he is the first guy that jumped off the film when I started watching the tape.

"Then youl look at some of their other guys and the D-Line is probably the strength of what they do. The secondary is solid, getting the transfer from Michign - (Blake) Countress 24 -  he is a good player and they use him a lot of different positions. He has played corner, he has played nickel, he has played safety. They are using him in a lot of good ways as well and the linebackers  are active. They are a really good defense."

Enos noted that Auburn's hurry-up offense - which is heavy on running the ball - presents a unique challenge.

"They are a little bit differnt schemematic than anybody we have played," Enos said. "They do different things in-and-out of three and four fronts so coverage wise they are similar to some people we have played. There are differnt nuances that we have to play and each and every week there are different challenges snd certaunly there is another one this week."

Arkansas expects to have injured running back Kody Walker back this week and redshirt freshman Juan Day has been cleared to play.

"It (Walker's cast) is getting smaller and smaller," Enos said. "He looks good and we are hoping that he can have a role this week and that can continue to grow, but - no pun intended - we want his club (cast) not to grow. He is working hard and it is amazing that even with the thing on his hand last week he was catching the ball without it being an issue. I know he certainly wants to be out there and have an impact.

"This week he will play some and hopefully he will get more comfortable and more confident and we can play him more."

Day has suffered two ACL tears - each on a differnt knee - and took snaps during the bye week with contact.

"I don't know about this week, but he has looked a little better every day," Enos said. "We hit him and tackled him last week and I think he responded really well to that."

The bye week gave the Arkansas coaches a chance to look at some of the younger players that are redshiting such as quarterbacks Ricky Town and Ty Storey as well as wide reciever Deon Stewart - all who have worked on the scout team.

"He (Town) has been on the scout team and has done a good job," Enos said. "I check in with our defensive coaches on him and Ty weekly.  They like both those guys. I get to work with them during drills and stufff every time I am out there on the field -  which is good.

"We got them in some scrimmage situations this week and that was really, really cool to see. I literally a couple of times would call a play and would have to draw it out on a piece of paper to tell Ricky because there hasn't been a lot of time sine he got here, there was no install or anything. 

"He has been kind of learning by osmosis if you will trying to figure it all out as we are talking about it. He looks poised, he looks relaxed, he has really goodf mechanics and has a nice arm. He is fluid in his motion and fluid in his drops and I think - so far from what I can see - he possesses a lot of accuracy, which those are all really good characteristics.

"Glad he is here and he'll certainly have an opportunity to grow the rest of this year and into the winter and into spring practice.

"Watching Ty this week, that was good as well and even (redshirt freshman) Rafe Peavey got a lot more reps. Rafe gets reps with the second group during the week, but his are limited because Austin Allen takes the majority of those.

"Just watching those three guys compete during the two or three practices that we had was a lot of fun. I think it bodes well for the spring."

Arkansas not only worked its redshirts, but also its young recievers such as Kendrick Edwards, Jojo Robinson and junior college transfer Dominique Reed.

"We continued to play like Kendrick and Dominique and those guys that are receivers. When we did that work, Drew Morgan was the only one we held out because we consider all those other guys still young and learning. They all got reps. I don't know that anybody else will come up and help us this year, but certainly Deon Stewart gets you excited watching him perform.

"He is explosive and got good ball skills and really good body control and LaMichael Pettway made some plays and looked good aout there and then those young tight ends- Will Gragg was impressive and looks more comfortable out there and some of the linemen, too."

Reed has scored touchdowns in each of the last two games.

"Every day you go out there and he looks more relaxed and you look at him and he looks more comfortable doing his thing," Enos said. "His tole continues to increase and there will be one of these games where he is going to light it up, have a great game and we'll go 'whoa, where did that come from?' It won't surprise anybody here. He is ready to breakout "

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