Arkansas doesn't have many sacks, but the Hogs still want to pressure Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

Arkansas is having a hard time getting a sack, but defensive line coach Rory Segrest said there is more than one way to apply pressure. He wants to be disruptive against Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.

Arkansas recorded zero sacks against Tennessee-Martin. But worse, Rory Segrest said there was little attempt to cause problems with throwing lanes, either. That has to change this week, Segrest said after practice Wednesday.

Segrest coaches the Arkansas defensive line. He's well aware of the sack total the Hogs have recorded this season. It's just seven. Whether or not that changes this week against Ole Miss is one thing, but forcing the opposing quarterback to change his throwing lanes has to change.

"I told our guys that Tennessee-Martin had 30 passes that were thrown within six yards of the line of scrimmage, so those were coming out fast," Segrest said. "You are going to have a hard time getting to the quarterback. We knew that going in because they had given up only four sacks all year.

"I understand that, but we didn't have our hands up. We were not disruptive. We have to have our hands in their eyes and make him change his throws or his eyes. We did not disrupt anything."

The Hogs will try to change that this week against Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.

"They have a quick game, too," Segrest said. "And, it's a lot of play-action on first and second down. If you can get them in third and long, or at least a passing down, he might drop back and sit in the hole and you get a chance to rush him. But the other times, we are going to have to see his eyes and get a hand up."

The Hogs have faced a lot of quick passing games. He mentioned that he's followed Toledo all season. The Rockets have yet to give up a sack. So that's part of the problem.

"UT Martin threw 15 slants and we are seeing a lot of slants," Segrest said. "So we have to be aware of that and play in those lanes. It's something we are working on and I think we can get better. But by the same token, it's not as easy. You face an offensive tackle who is 6-7 and sometimes you can't see the quarterback or have a hard time. So we have to continue to work on that aspect."

Defensive end Tevin Beannum knows the Rebels have big tackles, too. He'll get a chance to see both left tackle Laremy Tunsil (6-5) and Fahn Cooper (6-5). Both are impressive. Tunsil is considered one of the best left tackles in college football, although he's played just two games after sitting through an NCAA investigation.

"We've looked at tape and he's the complete package," Beanum said. "One thing we are aware of is that he's not played a lot of games this year. So maybe we can be relentless and he'll wear down. Maybe he doesn't have the game conditioning. We'll try to keep fresh guys on him."

Regardless, Beanum knows there must be pressure on Kelly.

"We were frustrated last week," he said, "but we do know it was a lot of quick passing game. When we came to our meeting on Sunday, Coach Segrest told us the stats on how much of it was quick passing.

"But he's clear that there are still other things we can do besides get to the quarterback if it's quick. We just haven't been disruptive enough. We want to change that this week. We have to put some pressure on their quarterback even when we don't hit him."

The goal is still to hit the quarterback.

"We have done that at times," Segrest said. "We hit the Alabama quarterback eight or nine times. We still hit the UT Martin quarterback six times. So we are at least getting there a little bit. But we can do better. We can't allow it to be like pass skelly. We can't allow him to make the easy throw without getting a hand up and altering some throws and batting some down."

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