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Arkansas TB Target Devin White Expects To Enroll Early

Arkansas tailback target Devin White (6-1, 260), who took an official visit to check out the Razorbacks this season, has plans to enroll early at the college of his choice.

After visiting Arkansas this weekend, Springhill, La., North Webster tailback Devin White said Sunday that he is close to making a decision.

A large part of that is because White (6-1, 260) has decided to become a mid-term enrollee at the college of his choice.

White has officially visited Florida State and Arkansas and will also trek to LSU next week, but likely will not take his scheduled January officials to Alabama and Ole Miss.

“I’ve got LSU next weekend and that’s going to be my last one because I’m taking classes right now to come early,” White said.

“I’m not going to be able to take the official to Ole Miss, but I’ve been there so much and I’ve been to Alabama so much,. Those were the only two schools that were my officials in January because I took the Florida State one and I’m taking the LSU one.

“So I think I’m good enough that I can decide without an official because I’m so comfortable at all the schools. This one was much needed because I’ve only been up here three times so this was a good one.”


That’s one reason he wanted to get his official to Arkansas in this past weekend and bring lots of family with him.

“It put it up there even more because I was already considering Arkansas heavy,” White said. “That’s the reason I brought a lot of my family members down because I wanted them to see this place because it’s a place I could possibly be here in the near future and I want them to be comfortable with it as well.”

He said the visit helped the Razorbacks’ chances with him, his mom, grandma and little sisters.

“They like it,” White said. “They say it’s a quiet place, it s good place to be and it’s basally it’s the only school up here and it’s everything. It’s like an NFL team and they like that, too, because the football team gets all of the attention and they just think it’s a great spot.”

He was able to spend time with Arkansas running backs coach Jemal Singleton as well as wide receiver Jared Cornelius, who is White’s cousin.

“The visit was great,” White said. “Getting to spend a lot of time with the coaches and the players and especially Jared. He showed me a good time. 

“It was a much needed visit coming up here because there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know about. I just felt comfortable up here so that was a good thing.

“I found out more about the system. I’ve watched Arkansas but I never looked into the system how they use for the running backs completely so I got to sit down with Coach Singleton for awhile with my family and got to tour the campus again so they could see it. It was just a lot of good stuff. “

Arkansas offers perhaps the best opportunity for immediate playing time, but White said he was taking in a lot of factors in making his decision.

“It’s one of the big things but not the only thing,” White said. “They just tell me we’re like a family up here so you can come and be a part of something great. 

“I mean that’s a good selling point too because every athlete wants to be a part of a family and they also want to play so playing is kind of a good thing, but he told me we have other backs that’s going to compete for the spot, too, because they want the spot, too, so it will be all on you.”


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