Wednesday Practice Report, 9/12

After the SEC announced plans to procede with weekend games, the Hogs continued preparations for the North Texas game on Saturday.

The coaches and players that I talked to this afternoon were glad the game was going to be played this Saturday.

"I was glad we were going to continue on and keep going and try to stay business as usual," UA head coach Houston Nutt said. "Although our hearts and feelings go out to a lot of people now - lot of missing daddies, mommas, aunts and uncles - they (the SEC) felt this was what's best and they thought this was best."

Nutt was pressed to see if he agreed with the decision.

"I think I do," Nutt said. "As long as we continue and try to keep things as consistently as we can and let people know they are not going to stop the country in any way."

There was good execution in practice today although a touchdown pass was dropped in the two-minute drill.

It was clearly a subdued one, though.

"Yesterday was probably a little slower because there was a lot on their minds and it was really unbelieveable for them to comprehend things," Nutt said. "We found out once they got on the field that this was an outlet and release for them."

As far as the practices this week:

"We have gotten back to real strong fundamentals and basics and trying to cover every base and trying to get a lot tougher and physical," Nutt said. "We have had middle drills all week and that is something we haven't had in awhile. They have responded real well."

Nutt also praised a lot of freshman - James Johnson, D-Arrius Howard, Travarius Jackson, Lorenzo Robinson Pierre Brown, Matt Jones, for working well on the scout team.

He also noted that he didn't know where people were getting that there was dissension on the offensive line and that was something he had not seen.

"They just need to get together and have a couple of things happen good and get on a roll.," Nutt said.

But he did say this about recent comments by Cedric Cobbs, who has talked to the media after the last two games rather unflattering about his offensive line.

"I know Cedric said some things he shouldn't have said and he knows that," Nutt said. "He made a mistake and has apologized to everyone individually."

North Texas is busing to the game as they would have done anyway.
They will however spend the night. They just drove right back after the OU game.

--Dudley E. Dawson

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