Arkansas Quarterbacks Look Forward to Opening Playbook in Saturday Scrimmage

Austin Allen looks forward to an expanded playbook for this week's scrimmage while Rafe Peavey wants to prove he's a proficient pocket passer.

There will be another practice Thursday to finish the installations ahead of Saturday's scrimmage, but there is little doubt that the quarterbacks are excited about the end of the week chance to do a little more with the offense.

First teamer Austin Allen, redshirt junior, said the first scrimmage last week was mostly about getting the running game right. Not that it's a small thing in the Arkansas offense, it's the passing game where the quarterbacks will be tested this week.

"It's a bigger scrimmage (this week)," Allen said. "We'll open up the play book. We want to be able to run the ball at will and I thought we did that last week. But there will be a lot of third down throws this week."

What did Allen think was a strong area in his performance in last week's scrimmage?

"I think I ran the huddle fine," he said. "I got the (middle linebacker) identified and ran the offense."

Rafe Peavey has emerged as the clear second teamer, ahead of Ty Storey and Ricky Town. Peavey, the redshirt sophomore from Bolivar, Mo., said it's an exciting time as four quarterbacks battle for playing time after the departure of Brandon Allen.

"With Brandon gone, we are all competing for the job," Peavey said. "It's the reason I came here, to compete. I love every minute of it."

It's Peavey's third spring since he was a mid-term arrival as a freshman. He sees a big difference in the way the game looks. He's clearly more comfortable.

"Every single year it slows down a little more," he said.

Still, there are adjustments.

"We are getting used to a new line," he said. "We are getting a feel for everything."

Peavey was probably a run-first quarterback at Bolivar. With green no-contact jerseys, it's clear that he's not going to be tackled in a scrimmage. With that in mind, he's focused on staying in the pocket to prove he's got that part of the game, too. He wants to prove he's a proficient pocket passer in the Arkansas offense.

"It's a little bit different emphasis," he said. "If it opens up in a passing situation, in high school I definitely took off. Now, I want to keep my eyes down field and look for the pass. It's a different transition.

"I would love to (take off the green jersey), but it's the way Coach (Bret) Bielema does things."

Peavey was asked if there had been any thoughts about leaving Arkansas.

"No, I'm happy here," he said. "I committed here my sophomore year in high school. I never doubted God's plan for me to be here. He wants me here. I just want to come to work every day and compete. I'm all about competing.

"It's always been about being here. My dad coached here. My mom ran track here. My uncle swam here and coached the swim team. I've been around Arkansas my whole life and I know this is the right place for me."

How did Peavey assess his scrimmage play last week?

"It was OK," he said. "I missed a roll out to the right."

Allen said everyone has things to improve.

"We all need to get better," he said. "That's all of the quarterbacks, the entire offense. We need to get better. Our motto from Coach (Dan) Enos is to be better this week. We think we can be better than last year.

"I see an offensive line that wants to get better and learn everything from Coach (Kurt) Anderson."

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